May 15-19, 2006
Messe Frankfurt
Frankfurt, GERMANY

Hall 3.0 - Stands M2-P21

At ACHEMA 2006 the IMA Group presented, in a space of more than 1,100 square metres, new machines and complete lines for the pharmaceutical industry.

Solid Dose Processing

IMA will exhibit a wide and innovative range of machines for solid dose processing requirements. Among these innovations, and on show for the first time, will be the new Vortex Plus high shear mixer granulator for both wet and single-pot granulation, the new Hermetica capsule banding machine for tamper evident sealing of capsules and the new Kilian Synthesis WIP tablet press with Wash In Place system. Also available to view will be the Docking Station of VIMA Impianti, a company specialising in powder handling, washing systems and dedusting equipment, which has been recently acquired by IMA.

Blister Packaging

In the blister area will be the new Giant1 integrated blister line, the ideal answer to just-in-time production of small and medium batches (up to 350 blisters and 175 cartons/minute), the new Win.Pack A83 cartoner in line with the TR135 blister machine and the PG TR100TL. For the first time we will present Galileo, a new diagnostic tool for remote assistance on IMA machines, multimedia training courses personalised to your individual IMA machines and innovative IMA support for on-line blister spare parts procurement. Also on show will be the new Tattile vision systems.

Aseptic Filling

IMA is proud to introduce for the first time the revolutionary M.A.C. Modular Aseptic Compact System, a compact and single unit that handles the complete process of washing, depyrogenizing, filling, closing and capping and meets all stringent FDA and EMEA regulations, eliminating risks and ensuring repeatability and cost reductions.

Counting Equipment

IMA will exhibit the new Conta 200 high speed electronic tablet counter (up to 200 bottles/minute at 100 count), while IMA SWIFTPACK will show the new SwiftPharm 100 multi channel electronic counter for tablets and capsules (up to 100 bottles/minute at 100 count) fed by a Swiftsort linear bottle unscrambling machine. Also on show, a Swiftlift tablet elevator which provides safe and efficient loading of tablets and capsules to filling machines such as tablet counters and blister packers.


On show from IMA-TELSTAR, the joint-venture established in 2005, the GMP production freeze-drying unit LyoMega 80 ST (6.5 m2 loading surface and 140 kg ice condenser capacity) equipped with CIP/SIP, automatic door locking, hydraulic vial stoppering and LyoStar SCADA control system.


LIBRA Aseptic Processing will show the Sensitive ECO, a completely automatic labelling machine suitable for applying self-adhesive labels on vials or bottles (up to 150 vials/minute).

Tube Filling

On show from IMA CO.MA.DI.S., the C1090 tube filling machine with a stainless steel structure and a new type of automatic robotised empty tube feeder (up to 90 tubes/minute).


IMA will exhibit the fast cartoner model Dynamica. This new model completes our range of continuous motion horizontal cartoners at high speed with a production output up to 450 cartons/minute.
For more info:
Elena Lucchini
Exhibition Manager