March 27-31, 2006
Barcelona, SPAIN

Hall 2 - Stand B212

At HISPACK 2006 the IMA Group presented, in a space of 450 square metres, a series of new machines and complete lines for the pharmaceutical industry.


IMA showed different machines for the process and packaging of solid dose products. Among them, two innovative systems of VIMA Impianti, the neo-acquired company that manufactures handling, washing and dedusting systems for the pharmaceutical industry. VIMA Impianti products, distributed by IMA since 2003, integrate the Group’s wide range of machines for solid dose packaging needs.
The VIMA CYCLOPS LAB is an flexible and innovative laboratory tumbler for containers designed for blending and homogenizing powder and granules for the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry. The machine is supplied on a wheeled basement and can be fitted with innovative Trigon System to block the bin.
The VIMA TWINVALVE is an innovative high containment valve system with simple design and maximum efficiency. This valve can be cleaned with dry compressed air, or with water and solvents for actives/toxic products and then dried with compressed air. It can be used as standard butterfly valve on Bins and retrofitted on existing installations.
The GHIBLI 50 is a modular fluid bed dryer. Three product containers can be fitted on the same machine: Top Spray, Bottom Spray and Tangential Spray. Air flow is managed without flaps while a patented hydraulic system allows to rotate and lower machine expansion chamber. The machine is fitted with metallic filters with an innovative patented cleaning system, for filters unclogging during production and filters washing after process.
The VORTEX 25 is a high shear mixer wet granulator designed to combine actives and excipients by adding a binder solution. The machine is flexible and easy to be cleaned.
The GS EVOLUTION 30 is a laboratory solid wall pan for tablet film and sugar coating, pellets and microgranules. The equipment features a special ventilation system with the capability to interchange the inlet/outlet air connections to obtain two different air flow directions, so that both immersed air blowing or exhausting paddles can be fitted on the same machine depending on the process. This machine is particularly designed for highly automated coating installations and can be configured to satisfy containment requirements for processing high potent products. Additionally it can be supplied in two different versions: normal or spiralled pan for automatic high efficiency product and water discharge. GS EVOLUTION can be equipped with an automatic and validable Clean In Place System.
The ADVANTECH is a dedusting unit, designed according to the latest GMP requirements. This machine ensures a maximum respect of products, easy accessibility, dismantling and cleaning. Additionally AdvanTech deduster with Cleaning In Place is also available in case of working high potent products.
The ZANASI 40 capsule filling machine provides maximum versatility in terms of combinations of workable products (powders, pellets, small tablets and liquids) and guarantee very rapid cleaning and size change. Machine working parameters can be set separately, assuring excellent results even with highly diverse products. The ZANASI 40 reaches a production speed of 40,000 capsules/hour.
The KILIAN SYNTHESIS 330 is a high speed tablet press machines ensuring flexibility and high performances, as well as long cycle life and low maintenance costs. The fillshoe support and the tablet chute are hinged to a pivotal bearing and they can be rotated out allowing easy access and cleaning. The interchangeable turret can be easily removed from the machine thanks to a hydraulic system, thus speeding up size changeover times. The mechanical and compression areas are completely separate, so the product cannot penetrate the lower part of the machine, thus ensuring longer life cycle for punches and lower compression rollers. The machine has an operator interface with “touch screen” easy to use. The 330 version reaches a production speed of 225,000 tablets per hour. The tablet press machine will be in line with the HERCULES MINI lifting column and a deduster.
The KILIAN PRESSIMA rotary tablet press is for galenic and research applications. It is the only press of its type equipped with an interchangeable die table. This very flexible machine is designed for compressing small batch production and the instrumented version allows complete control of all production parameters. Good accessibility facilitates cleaning and maintenance. The machine can reach a speed up to 85,500 tablets/hour.


IMA offers the widest range of blister machines on the world market (from low to super high speed - up to 1,300 blisters/minute) with or without integrated cartoner.
The GIANT1 is the new integrated blister line that fully responds to the most sophisticated production requirements worldwide.
Designed for both multinational pharmaceutical companies as well as contract packers, the GIANT1 can be considered a perfect alternative for just-in-time production of small and medium batches (up to 350 blisters/minute and 175 cartons/minute).
The machine concept has been based on the IMA philosophy of flexibility in operation and changeover combined with easy cleaning and less material/product waste. This has been achieved thanks to reliable feeding systems where IMA has had 30 years experience and a careful functional design in the main working groups that are completely servomotor assisted. High efficiency in production is assured as the blister machine and the cartoner are completely integrated.
On the GIANT1 the changeover time reaches unprecedented levels due to reduced number of size parts and their light-weight (no more than 9 kg). In the time it takes to changeover any super-high speed machine, the Giant1 will have already completed 3 or more batches.
GIANT1 in name and capability, but only 6 metres long.
IMA stood also in the forefront to solve the problem of the “product recall” faced by the drug manufacturers by applying a patented cutting system. This innovative solution guarantees that rejected faulty blisters cannot be matched in further packaging process due to their different shape.
With the GIANT1, IMA confirms once again to be the global supplier in blister packaging, which offers a variety of reliable solutions for every output requirements up to 1,300 blisters/minute.
On show at HISPACK 2006, two innovative blister machines for low and medium speed: Win.Pack TR130 and TR200.
Win.Pack offers extremely versatile machines suitable for medium outputs even with high product diversification. TR130 is the most modern machine for lower speed (210 blisters/min). It is a revised version of the very successful TR130 (more than 250 machines are in production all over the world). TR200 is an economical two-row blister machine, especially designed for small to medium production runs (up to 360 blisters/min), also suitable for contract packers. Win.Pack machines are significant reference in the packaging sector thanks to some significant features that have made them the choice of hundreds of customers worldwide

-high quality with reasonable price
-fast and easy changeover
-flexibility in handling packaging materials
-roller sealing
-completely open and accessible user-friendly design in compliance with GMP
-high versatility
-easy connection with all cartoners
-small forming area working at a very high speed
- continuous motion in the feeding area

IMA SWIFTPACK exhibits the SWIFTPACK SV2, a unique tablet counter that combines output and product quality. Leading edge technology in the SV2 Intellisense range features an advanced Electrostatic Sensing System, which not only counts tablets more accurately, it also ensures that the tablets meet key quality standards.
The SV2 counter achieves this leap in levels of quality control by virtue of an electrostatic field, which enables an extremely accurate assessment of tablet parameters, such as size, shape and mass. The tablet parameters are pre-set, and tablets are measured against these as they fall through and disturb the field, tablets that do not conform exactly to the pre-set parameters will be rejected automatically.
Swiftpack SV2 series offer manufacturers an accurate measure of product quality in terms of physical variance, a vital issue where dosage is concerned.
In addition, downtime owing to changeovers is reduced, as the SV2 counter will accept products of various sizes. The filling funnel has also been carefully positioned at the very front of the machine, to allow clear supervision of the filling process.
The SV2 counter is solid, robust and quiet in operation. Enclosed pipework adds to the aesthetic design of the machine, and ensures that it operates cleanly in hygiene-sensitive pharmaceutical environments. The SV2 is designed to surpass GMP specifications, with improved dust control, as well as quick-release fasteners for easy cleaning and maintenance.
The SV2 is available in either a single or twin configuration or in multiples of both, to give speed capabilities from 50 to 200 bottles per minute, dependant on count per bottle.
Also on show by IMA SWIFTPACK the SWIFTCOUNT. Designed for ease of operation and simple setting, the SWIFTCOUNT incorporates a similar microprocessor package to that used on the high speed SWIFTPACK counting machines, achieving the same high level of accuracy and reliability.
The basic unit comprises a stainless steel cabinet with integral microprocessor control system, vibrator feed arrangement with variable vibration control, quick release twin-track feed tray and contact parts, stainless steel outlet funnel and clear plastic dust cover.
Counts tablets and hard/soft gelatine capsules without change parts.
Built to the latest GMP standards.
Quick release feed system and contact parts.
Complete with polycarbonate feed system cover
Simple to operate and easy to clean.


On show, a laboratory freeze-dryer by IMA-TELSTAR, the joint-venture established in August 2005 in the field of freeze-drying machinery for the pharmaceutical industry.
IMA-TELSTAR has completed its range of pilot laboratory freeze dryers LYOBETA with the launching of the new model LYOBETA 15. This new freeze-dryer aims at covering the range which had been little considered up until now: that is to research and develop according to cGLP. FDA investigators consider that transfer of technology from R+D departments to the following phases: clinical trials and later commercial production, is carried out with lack of strictness and poor documentation practices. Therefore, they are emphasising on the concept of GxP as a quality oversight, comprising all practices in R+D and production processes.
The LyoBeta range of units is the answer to this need:
LyoBeta 35: 1.3 m2 of shelves surface; condenser capacity of 35 l.
LyoBeta 25: 0.68 m2 of shelves surface; condenser capacity of 35 l.
LyoBeta 15: with 0.45 m2 of shelves surface completes the range; condenser capacity of 25 l.
Over dimensioned condenser of 35 and 15 l respectively offers the maximum capacity features in the market.
The main new feature of the LyoBeta units is the incorporation of a control system via PLC instead of the classic microprocessor commonly used in this type of equipment. This system, fully proven in the industrial models of the Series LyoGamma and LyoMega, guarantees maximum reliability and reproducibility in the process, totally adapting the equipment to cGLP. The system allows control of the freeze-dryer functions via a graphic HMI (Human Machine Interface) user interface. The user interface presents information in an attractive and intelligible manner on a graphic 6” touch screen, through which different data screens can be accessed by means of touch zones. Optionally, the equipment can be connected to different peripherals, such as a graphic recorder, printer or PC.
The main features of the new LyoBeta 15 are the following:

-The chamber, cubic in shape, is made entirely from AISI 316 L stainless steel and its interior is fully accessible for cleaning purposes.
-The chamber incorporates an automatic closing device for vials and a side flange that allows the connection of a three way valve manifold for the freeze-drying of CN 29/32 open flasks.
-It is equipped with up to 4 loading shelves, also made of “sandwich” type AISI 316 L for thermal fluid circulation, which allows prior product freezing and heating during freeze-drying.
-An additional shelf thermally balances the equipment.
-The clearance between the shelves can easily be modified, and is therefore adaptable for different types of products and containers
-The condenser, which is also made of AISI 316 L, has a rapid defrosting device by means of electrical resistors
-The equipment’s refrigeration system, which works with air, is capable of to provide –80ºC in the condenser and -50ºC on the shelves. It only uses HFC gases, which are authorised for use both at the moment and in the long term.


The LIBRA SENSITIVE SVL is a new completely automatic labeling machine suitable to apply pharmaceutical optical stamp and Italian “Bollino” on top of formed cartons. The machine has been designed for the pharmaceutical industries for easy application in line with packaging machines. Built entirely of stainless steel for easy cleaning, it features fast and easy size change thanks to knobs with micrometric adjustments through digital indicators, without any tools.
It is also equipped with a PLC SIEMENS that supervises all machine statuses and displays safety and alarm conditions by means of a touch screen operator panel, with clear description of cause of stop and reset procedures. The production situation, including pieces produced, rejects and causes, down times, can also be obtained in real time.
PLC can be connected, through an Ethernet port, to an host computer for management of data or compliance with 21 CFR part 11. The machine can also be equipped with numerous options, such as Datamatrix, Rss, Bar code reader, printing unit and camera vision system for OCV/OCR. Sensitive SVL reaches a production speed of 400 labels/minute.


The new IMA CO.MA.DI.S. C1090 tube filling machine, with a stainless steel structure and a new type of automatic or in alternative ergonomic tube feeder (capacity up to 2,000 tubes), has been completely redesigned. Innovative features of the C1090 include a dosing pump that can be dismounted without using any tools and the control panel with a programmable display mounted on a swing arm and easily accessible to the operator. The aluminium tube closing unit is available in standard, normal, double or saddle fold versions, while the polythene, laminate and polyfoil tube sealing unit is available in the hot air and hot jaws versions. Thanks to the design criteria the machine allows an easy access to the four sides of the basement for maintenance operations.
The C1090 reaches a production speed of 90 aluminium tubes/minute and 80 polythene, laminate and polyfoil tubes/minute.


On show, the IMA FLEXA, a range of flexible horizontal cartoners for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products available both in continuous and in intermittent version. The whole range includes 11 models. The fastest model can reach up to 200 cartons per minute. User friendly thanks to its ergonomical design and fast change overs, FLEXA features touch screen machine status monitoring system, easy access to size data and parameters. Servo driven applications makes FLEXA cartoners adaptable to pack a wide range of products in a safe operational sequence at optimal speed. Belt carton transport - IMA trademark - ensures best forming/closing and product/leaflet insertion operations. FLEXA cartoner: a small footprint combined to high reliability and uptime availability.


To complete the wide range of machines on show, the Group will exhibit the IMA BFB CP28, an automatic case-packing machine particularly suitable for the packaging of individual or bundled cartons into pre-glued RS cases. Its essential aspects include compact design, high accessibility, simple size change-over and maximum reliability. Change-over takes only a few minutes to perform and does not require the use of any tools. The machine is equipped with a horizontal carton magazine for easy loading. The CP28 reaches a production speed of 12 cases/minute.

For more info:
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