March 29 - April 1, 2007
Bologna Fiere
Piazza della Costituzione
Bologna, ITALY

Hall19 - Stand B48


CO.MA.DI.S., company of the IMA Group, exhibited at Cosmopack 2007, section of Cosmoprof 2007, two tube filling machines suitable to fill pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and chemical products: the C630 and the C1090.

The tube filler CO.MA.DI.S. C630 is a complete semiautomatic machine where the operator is manually feeding and orienting the empty tubes in the machine turntable. The dosage, sealing and/or closing, coding and ejection of the filled tubes operations are automatically performed. Thanks to its reduced dimensions, the tube filler can be positioned in small places and can be easily moved being assembled on wheels. The machine basement and control panel are finished in stainless steel Aisi 304, while all the parts in contact with the product are in stainless steel Aisi 316. The dosing unit can be positioned outside machine frame by turning of 90° the hinged support and, operating the foot pedal, can fill jars, bottles and various containers thus giving the machine a high flexibility. The tube filler C630 is the most suitable machine for small cosmetic companies and for R&D laboratories. The C630 reaches a mechanical output of 30 tubes per minute.

The tube filler CO.MA.DI.S. C1090 is a complete automatic machine for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and chemical products. With a stainless steel structure and a new type of automatic or in alternative ergonomic tube feeder (capacity up to 2,000 tubes), the machine has been completely redesigned. Innovative features of the C1090 include a dosing pump that can be taken off without using any tools and the control panel with a programmable display mounted on a swing arm and easily accessible to the operator. The tube filler C1090 on show is equipped with the hot air sealing unit for polythene, laminate or polyfoil tubes for which it is possible to have different kinds of sealing. The aluminium tube sealing unit is available in standard, double or saddle fold versions. Thanks to the design criteria the machine allows an easy access to the four sides of the basement for maintenance operations. The C1090 reaches a mechanical speed of 90 tubes per minute.

For more info:
Elena Lucchini
Exhibition Manager