March 27-29, 2007
D-90471 Nürnberg, GERMANY

Hall 11.0 - Stand 306

At TechnoPharm 2007 the IMA Group exhibited an innovative range of machines for solid dose processing requirements and a new pilot laboratory freeze-dryer for the pharmaceutical industry.

Solid Dose Processing

IMA offers the widest range of machines for solid dose packaging needs: high shear mixer granulators, fluid bed equipment, tablet press machines, capsule filling machines, coating equipment, check weighing machines for capsules and tablets, powder handling, washing systems and dedusting equipment.

The GHIBLI 50 is a very flexible fluid bed dryer that can be fitted with three different product containers: Top Spray, Bottom Spray and Tangential Spray. This allows different technical solutions to be applied, according to the product to be processed and to the process to be performed. In/Out air flow is constantly managed without flaps, guaranteeing optimisation of product fluctuation height and at the same time minimising explosion risks. Electronic control of the peristaltic pump prevents from dripping at the end of the cycle, thus ensuring product homogeneity. Thanks to a patented hydraulic system, the expansion chamber of the machine can be rotated and lowered to facilitate access to filters and spraying gun positioning. The machine can be equipped with normal or metallic filters, and with Operator Interface Terminal to monitor each stage of the process in real time.

The VORTEX PLUS 30 is a high shear mixer granulator for both wet and single pot processes, ensuring quick maintenance operations and high percentage of material yield.The bowl is mirror polished and has a cup shape with product discharge valve on the bottom part, allowing complete discharge of the product after the granulation process. The lid is fitted with an hydraulic automatic opening system and has a safety lock with electronic control to check the lid closure before starting the process.The machine is equipped with a special dust tight sealing system avoiding environment contamination. The special three lip seal on impeller and chopper avoid also powder migration into the mechanical area thanks to the permanent air blowing action. During the Clean In Place the water enters in the same circuit of compressed air guaranteeing complete cleaning. The control system is supplied in automatic mode. The TTM (True Torque Measurement) software can be also supplied to detect the granulation end point.

The KILIAN PRESSIMA rotary tablet press is for galenic and research applications. It is the only press of its type equipped with an interchangeable die table. This very flexible machine is designed for compressing small batch production and the instrumented version allows complete control of all production parameters. Good accessibility facilitates cleaning and maintenance. The machine can reach a speed up to 85,500 tablets/hour.

The new GS EVOLUTION 30 is a solid wall pan for tablet film and sugar coating, pellets and microgranules. The equipment features a special ventilation system with the capability to interchange the inlet/outlet air connections to obtain two different air flow directions, so that both immersed air blowing or exhausting paddles can be fitted on the same machine depending on the process. This machine is particularly designed for highly automated coating installations and can be configured to satisfy containment requirements for processing high potent products. Additionally it can be supplied in two different versions: normal or spiralled pan for automatic high efficiency product and water discharge. The drum is interchangeable allowing a high flexibility by working a wide range of batches. GS EVOLUTION can be equipped with an automatic and validable Clean In Place System.

The VIMA Cyclops Lab is an innovative bin tumbler, for powders and granules blending, designed for small batch production and laboratory applications. The machine is fitted with wheels for easy moving in the working area and has a compact shape for minimum encumbrance. The BinLab geometry is proportional to industrial bin, guaranteeing a good scaling-up.


IMA-TELSTAR, the joint-venture in the field of freeze-drying machinery for the pharmaceutical industry, has completed its range of pilot laboratory freeze-dryers LYOBETA with the launching of the new model LYOBETA 15, on show at TechnoPharm. This new freeze-dryer aims at covering the range which had been little considered until now: that is to research and develop according to cGLP. FDA investigators consider that transfer of technology from R+D departments to the following phases: clinical trials and later commercial production, is carried out with lack of strictness and poor documentation practices. Therefore, they are emphasising on the concept of GxP as a quality oversight, comprising all practices in R+D and production processes.

The LYOBETA range of units is the answer to this need:

LYOBETA 35: 1.03 m2 of shelf surface; condenser capacity of 40 l.

LYOBETA 25: 0.68 m2 of shelf surface; condenser capacity of 40 l.

LYOBETA 20: 0.61 m2 of shelf surface; condenser capacity of 30 l.

LYOBETA 15: with 0.46 m2 of shelf surface completes the range; condenser capacity of 30 l.

Over dimensioned condenser of 40 and 30 l respectively offers the maximum capacity features in the market.
The main new feature of the LYOBETA units is the incorporation of a control system via PLC instead of the classic microprocessor commonly used in this type of equipment. This system, fully proven in the industrial models of the Series LYOGAMMA and LYOMEGA, guarantees maximum reliability and reproducibility in the process, totally adapting the equipment to cGLP. The system allows control of the freeze-dryer functions via a graphic HMI (Human Machine Interface) user interface. The user interface presents information in an attractive and intelligible manner on a graphic 6" touch screen, through which different data screens can be accessed by means of touch zones. Optionally, the equipment can be connected to different peripherals, such as a graphic recorder, printer or PC SCADA.

The main features of the new LYOBETA 15 are the following:

-The chamber, cubic in shape, is made entirely from AISI 316 L stainless steel and its interior is fully accessible for cleaning purposes.
-The chamber incorporates an automatic stoppering device for vials and a side flange that allows the connection of a three way valve manifold for the freeze-drying of CN 29/32 open flasks.
-It is equipped with up to 4 loading shelves, also made of "sandwich" type AISI 316 L for thermal fluid circulation, which allows prior product freezing and heating during freeze-drying.
-An additional shelf thermally balances the equipment.
-The clearance between the shelves can easily be modified, and is therefore adaptable for different types of products and containers.
-The condenser, which is also made of AISI 316 L, has a rapid defrosting device by means of electrical resistors.
-The equipment 's refrigeration system, which works with air, is capable of to provide 80ºC in the condenser and -65ºC on the shelves. It only uses HFC gases, which are authorised for use both at the moment and in the long term.
-PLC controlled with touch screen as HMI. PC based LyoLogger and LyoStar Lab SCADA package as options.

For more info:
Elena Lucchini
Exhibition Manager