October 15-17, 2007
Las Vegas Convention Center
3150 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109 USA


Central Hall - Booth #1819


At Pack Expo Las Vegas 2007 the IMA Group exhibited, in a space of about 3800 square feet, new machines for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetics industries.

Solid Dose Processing
On display, two machines for solid dose processing requirements: the KILIAN Synthesis 700, a high speed tablet press machine designed for easy operation and cleaning (1.020,000 tablets/hour) and the Impressa 130, a capsule filling machine fitted with an innovative tamping pin powder dosing system (130,000 capsules/hour).

Blister Packaging
IMA exhibited the Win.Pack TR200, an economical two row blister machine, especially designed for small to medium production runs, also suitable for contract packers, even though its concepts are those of a high-scale production machine (up to 360 blisters/minute).

Counting Equipment
On display, the SWIFTPACK SwiftPharm electronic tablet counter (100 bottles per minute on a 100 count). Advances in vibratory linear feeding and pre-count gating, enable the SwiftPharm to almost double the output of previous electronic tablet counters. Also on show, the economical LAKSO Model 100 cottoner, a new single head machine designed to cut, fold and insert a measured length of cotton, rayon or polyester into bottles at speeds up to 100 bottles/minute. 

manufactures a complete range of freeze-drying equipment and loading/unloading systems. From R&D (LYOBETA series) through pilot scale (LYOGAMMA series) to production units (LYOTHETA and LYOMEGA series) for bulk and vial applications, IMA-TELSTAR can provide you with the most cost effective solution to fit your requirements.

IMA LIBRA exhibited the Sensitive New Eco, a completely automatic labelling machine suitable for applying pressure sensitive labels onto the bodies of cylindrical containers in glass, metal or plastic (up to 150 pieces/minute according to label size).

Tube Filling
Displayed by IMA CO.MA.DI.S., is the C960 tube filling machine with a stainless steel structure and a new type of automatic empty tube feeding magazine (up to 60 tubes/minute).

IMA exhibited the high speed Dynamica cartoner. This new model completes our range of high speed continuous motion horizontal cartoners for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries with a production output up to 400 cartons/minute.

End of Line
On display, the IMA BFB 3754, a new high-speed top-loading case-packing machine specifically designed to handle loose or bundled bottles. The machine perfectly meets the pharmaceutical and toiletry market requirements in terms of speed capability and compactness (up to 50 cases/minute). 

For more info:
Elena Lucchini
Exhibition Manager