November 24-27, 2007
Bombay Exhibition Center
Mumbai, India

Hall 1 - Stand B57

IMA, together with Precision Gears and BRIO Pharma, will exhibit new machines for the pharmaceutical industry.

On display, the KILIAN Synthesis 500 a force feed die filling tablet press, with low servicing costs, long life cycle and designed for easy operation and cleaning. The Synthesis 500 reaches a production speed of 225,000 tablets/hour.

IMA will exhibit the Win.Pack TR200, a very flexible and economical two row blister machine especially designed for small to medium production runs (360 blisters/minute).

Precision Gears will display two models each of blister and cartoning machines: Ecostar + IC150CVC50 and TR102XL.
Ecostar is an economical and flexible blister machine with intermittent motion flat forming and flat sealing, balcony construction, servo-drive indexing and online automation by linkup to cartoner. Production speed: 60 cycles/minute for PVC and 50 cycles/minute for ALU blisters. IC150C is an intermittent motion cartoning machine with high speed due to use of timing belts for carton transport, adjustable blister magazine for collating; suitable for blisters, tubes, bottles and trays applications. VC50 is a semi automatic vertical intermittent motion cartoning machine especially designed for low and medium production packaging lines. The compact design allows easy operator access to all controls and makes it suitable for installation in space restricted areas. TR102XL is a blister machine for tablets, capsules, ampoules, vials, liquids and syringes; intermittent motion flat forming and flat sealing, balcony construction. Servo-drive indexing; online automation by link-up to cartoner.  Extended feeding zone available for multiple feeders, deep draw blister forming and flexibility in using various packaging materials. All PG machines are operator friendly.

With continuous motion positive transport system, the innovative IMA Sterifill F2000, on show at P-MEC India 2007, is suitable for filling liquid solutions into cylindrical vials and for insertion of rubber stoppers. Designed for drugs processing in aseptic conditions either in traditional class 100 area or in isolation technology at very high speed (up to 600 vials/minute).

For more info:
Elena Lucchini
Exhibition Manager