September 30 - October 02, 2008
Exhibition Center Nürnberg
Nürnberg, Germany

Hall 5 - Stand 5-268

IMA Active Division
on show at Technopharm 2008

IMA Active offers a complete range of machines for processing and production of solid dose products - granulation equipment, tablet press machines, capsule filling machines, coating systems, weight checking machines for capsules and tablets as well as powder handling and washing systems. IMA Active Division exhibited some innovative machines at Technopharm 2008.

The Pressima rotary tablet press, manufactured by Kilian, is for R&D and small batches. It is the only press of its type equipped with an interchangeable die table. The instrumented version allows complete control of all production parameters. Good accessibility facilitates cleaning and maintenance. The machine can reach a speed up to 79,800 tablets/hour.

The Roto Lab, manufactured by Zanchetta, is a compact benchtop high shear granulator dryer for R&D purpose. It is used to process very small batch sizes (200 g-1,000 g) carrying out the entire process, from granulation to drying of granules, in one contained bowl. Roto Lab is suitable for development of potent products and allows total batch reproducibility, ensuring high product yields. The tilting system of the bowl provide a gentle treatment of granules during vacuum drying to preserve them from breakage. The gas stripping system (GA.ST.), by injecting an inert gas through the product mass, enhances evaporation rate.
The machine guarantees a reliable monitoring of granulation and drying, an accurate detection of the process end-point and very easy cleaning operations.

The Spine, manufactured by Sensum, is an automatic inspection and sorting system for tablets and capsules. This machine automatically inspect the entire surface of tablets and capsules at the speed of maximum 360,000 units/hour. The products are held in reproducible position by a vacuum system, illuminated by special controllable LED illumination units and inspected by six colour camera. Reliable active sorting system with sorting verification for both good and defective products ensures fail-safe and reliable operation.

Finally on show, the perforated drum of Perfima coating pan.

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