May 26-28, 2009
Transamérica Expo Center
Sao Paulo, Brasil

Hall Transamerica - Booth #640


Brazil is building up to capture a significantly greater portion of the global pharmaceutical market in the near future. The country is one of the seven emerging markets that are tipped to contribute to a quarter of the pharmaceutical industry’s global growth withithe next few years.

In terms of revenue, the pharmaceutical industry in Brazil is the tenth largest market in the world and the second largest in Latin America, valued at $5.2bn.

Nearly 20% of the companies operating in the Brazilian market are foreign, mostly from the US and EUROPE, with the majority of the world’s largest pharmaceutical MNCs. On the manufacturing front the country has 553 laboratories and approx. 130 pharmaceutical wholesalers and is regarded to be the pharmaceutical manufacturing hub in South America.

IMA can already boast a long standing presence in the Brazilian market as one of the leading supplier of automatic packaging machines for pharmaceuticals, and, in order to further cater its growing customer base in the Brazilian booming emerging market, announce the opening of its NEW BRANCH OFFICE: IMAUTOMATICHE DO BRASIL REPRESENTAÇÕES DE MÁQUINAS LTDA. , located in São Paulo.

This new subsidiary will cover the whole Brazilian pharmaceutical market and will be operational in the month of May 2009. The new IMA Branch Office will have a dedicated sales and field service network for each of the leading business areas in the pharmaceutical sector: IMA ACTIVE Division, IMA LIFE, IMA EDWARDS and IMA SAFE.

FCE Pharma 2009 has been the occasion to introduce the NEW Sao Paolo Branch to our customers.



At FCE Pharma 2009 the IMA Group has  exhibited:


IMA ACTIVE Division (Solid Dose Solutions)


IMA ACTIVE Division offers a complete range of machines for the process and production of solid dose products: granulation equipment, tablet press machines manufactured both by IMA and by KILIAN, capsule filling machines, coating systems, weight checking machines for capsules and tablets as well as powder handling and washing systems manufactured by ZANCHETTA.


On show the KILIAN SYNTHESIS WIP 500, a tablet press with Wash In Place capability.

Easy handling is a hallmark of these machine and easy cleaning is obtained due to the total isolation of the compression and mechanical areas. Moreover a stainless steel table isolates the compression area from the lower cam track. Spray nozzles are located in each part of the process area and also inside the aspiration system: this guarantees complete washing of all parts of the working area. Minimum water is required.


IMA LIFE (Aseptic Processing & Filling Solutions)


IMA LIFE offers machines for washing and sterilising pharmaceutical vials, filling and stoppering machines for aseptic environments, filling and closing machines for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, microdosing machines for aseptic powder filling and, thanks to the acquisition of IMA EDWARDS*, freeze-drying machinery and loading/unloading systems. IMA LIFE also offers labellers, blowing machines, depackers and traying machines.


* "Edwards" is a registered trademark of Edwards Limited and is used by IMA Group under license.


IMA EDWARDS exhibited a LYOFAST 10 freeze-dryer. Pre-engineering results in time and cost benefits as well as a wide range of standard options ensure sufficient flexibility over a broad range of configurations. By constructing from a series of standard modules, IMA EDWARDS is able to compress project schedules and reduce lead times-even with large capacity equipment. Compared to a custom-built lyophiliser, the lead time for Lyofast is reduced by up to 50%. This provides the customer with a competitive edge by reducing the time to market.


IMA SAFE (Packaging Solutions)


IMA SAFE is the only manufacturer that offers complete primary and secondary packaging lines solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. Blisters machines have speed ranges from low to super high speed (1,300 blisters/minute). Low-medium speed machines are also manufactured by the subsidiary PRECISION GEARS (India). Tablet counting machines production includes IMA SAFE NOVA (USA) and IMA SAFE SWIFTPACK (UK). Tube fillers are manufactured by IMA SAFE CO.MA.DI.S., while horizontal and vertical cartoners are manufactured by IMA SAFE. IMA SAFE LINE offers a complete range of end of line equipment which includes over-wrapping, shrink-wrapping, case packing and palletizing solutions.


IMA SAFE exhibited the TR200, a two row blister machine especially designed for small to medium production runs also suitable for contract packers, even though its concepts are those of a high-scale production machine. The main features of the TR200 are: balcony construction, completely accessible, very economical size parts with a wide range of possible blister dimensions, use of all kinds of material. The change-over is very easy and quick, without any tools. The TR200 reaches a production speed of 360 blisters/minute.  


Also on show from IMA SAFE, the DYNAMICA, a continuous motion horizontal cartoner with a production output of 400 cartons/minute. The machine design makes it simple to operate, facilitates accessibility and cleanliness and simplifies components loading. Change over is extremely easy. Implementation of various coding, inspection and feeding systems for any type of carton, leaflet/booklets and the handling of any pharmaceutical product make the DYNAMICA cartoner a suitable choice for flexible, high speed carton packaging projects.


IMA SAFE CO.MA.DI.S. exhibited the C960, an innovative tube filling machine suitable to handle metal and plastic tubes with hot air sealing unit. The machine having a stainless steel structure and a new type of automatic empty tubes feeling magazine, has been completely redesigned complying with the highest manufacturing process standards. Innovative features of the C960 include a dosing pump that can be dismounted without using any tools and the control panel with a programmable display is easily accessible to the operator. The C960 reaches a mechanical speed of 60 tubes per minute.




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