March 17-19, 2009
Jacob Javits Convention Center
New York, NY, USA

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Interphex 2009 to  discover how IMA can partner your business right down the line.

 As a world leader in automatic machines for processing and packaging of pharmaceutical products, IMA comes closer than anyone to understanding and satisfying your requirements.


The Group’s organisational structure features four leading business areas in the main sectors: IMA FLAVOUR (Tea & Coffee Packaging Solutions), IMA ACTIVE Division (Solid Dose Solutions), IMA LIFE (Aseptic Processing & Filling Solutions) and IMA SAFE (Packaging Solutions). This renewed image emphasises the values of the Group: nearly 50 years of experience, a history of reliability and continuous innovation and a global support and service network make IMA your partner of excellence in the field of packaging automation.



IMA ACTIVE Division offers a complete range of machines for the process and production of solid dose products: granulation equipment, tablet press machines manufactured both by IMA and by KILIAN, capsule filling machines, coating systems, weight checking machines for capsules and tablets as well as powder handling and washing systems manufactured by ZANCHETTA.


IMA ACTIVE  exhibited  some of its innovative machines.


The PERFIMA is a perforated pan solving the challenges of today’s complex film and functional coating processes. Incorporating exclusive Shark Fin baffles, the pan has the unique ability to maintain content uniformity within 25% to 100% of the rated capacity. The machine features complete isolation and is suitable to work with HAPI and to perform a Clean In Place. From R&D to production, PERFIMA capacity ranges from 3 litres to 900 litres across four machine models: PERFIMA Lab, PERFIMA 200, PERFIMA 500 and PERFIMA 800.


The capsule filling machines of the ZANASI Lab Series are the ideal solution for R&D applications and small batch production thanks to their flexibility and multidosing possibility: they can fit both dosators and tamping pins powder and pellet dosing unit, besides tablets, microtablets and liquid dosing units. The models available are ZANASI Lab 8 and 16 reaching respectively a speed of 8,000 and 16,000 capsules/hour. The machine is simple to use and can be fitted with different controls (e.g. 100% in-line net weight control by strain gauges or LVDT, etc.).


The KILIAN SYNTHESIS WIP are tablet presses with Wash In Place capability. Easy handling is a hallmark of these machines and easy cleaning is obtained due to the total isolation of the compression and mechanical areas. Moreover a stainless steel table isolates the compression area from the lower cam track. Spray nozzles are located in each part of the process area and also inside the aspiration system: this guarantees complete washing of all parts of the working area. Minimum water is required.

The GHIBLI 50 is a very flexible fluid bed dryer that can be fitted with both fabric and metallic filters that can be easily maintained without the need of an operator access platform due to the expansion and filters chamber rotation. The machine can be configured with different product bowls or air distributors to manufacture granules, coated small cores or pellets.


The TWINVALVE is a simple and reliable solution to handle powders, granules, tablets and capsules. It can be used as a standard butterfly valve on bins and can be easily retrofitted on existing Powder Handling Plants allowing containment during powder transfer and high flexibility.




IMA LIFE offers machines for washing and sterilising pharmaceutical vials, filling and stoppering machines for aseptic environments, filling and closing machines for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, microdosing machines for aseptic powder filling and, thanks to the acquisition of IMA EDWARDS*, freeze-drying machinery. IMA Life also offers labellers, blowing machines, depackers and traying machines.  


* "Edwards" is a registered trademark of Edwards Limited and is used by IMA Group under license.


IMA LIFE exhibited the STERIFILL F2000, in-line filling and stoppering machine for aseptic environments.


With the continuous motion positive transport system, the STERIFILL F2000 is suitable for filling liquid solutions into cylindrical vials and for insertion of rubber stoppers. The machine is in fact particularly designed for drug processing in aseptic conditions either in traditional class 100 area or in isolation technology at very high speed (up to 600 vials/minute). The STERIFILL F2000 offers a number of advantages over traditional filling machines, which makes it unique: dosing capacity: from 0,25 to 500 ml, innovative st. st. positive transport system with "dovetail shaped dowels" very easy to dismount and clean; statistical IPC of filled volume. The manufacturing criteria allow the implementation of the basic machine under isolator and the ergonomic location of the operating groups and the total exposure of the transport system to the sterilising agent typically VHP (Vapour Phase Hydrogen Peroxide).



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