December 1-3, 2009
Bombay Exhibition Center
Goregaon, Mumbai, India

Hall 5 Stand J2

The IMA Group at P-MEC India 2009  

India is still confirmed to be one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical markets at a rate of 6-7% annually, and is to become one of the first pharmaceutical hub in the world.

IMA can boast a long standing presence on the Indian market. In 1995 IMA acquired the majority of the capital share of  PRECISION GEARS Pvt. Ltd., based in Mumbai and specialised in the design and manufacturing of blister and cartoning machines for emerging markets. In recent years PRECISION GEARS has achieved excellent results both in India and in emerging markets, maintaining a high capacity for technological innovation and customer service that has always been one of IMA's distinguishing features. 

BRIO Pharma Technologies Pvt. Ltd., located in Mumbai, represents and promotes since several years the production lines of packing, process and filling of the IMA Group for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries in the Indian territory. Besides a capillary sales activity through a highly qualified personnel, BRIO Pharma provides local service as well as technical assistance to setting up, validation, qualification operations both on stand alone machines and complex lines.   

At P-MEC India 2009 the IMA Group, together with BRIO Pharma, exhibited  innovative solutions for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

IMA ACTIVE Division exhibited the PRECISA 12, a checkweigher designed for 100% weight control of tablets or filled capsules. The machine reaches a speed of 120,000 units/hour and guarantees maximum accuracy and reliability even at high speeds. It can be installed in line with all tablet presses or capsule fillers currently on the market.

Also on show the KILIAN SYNTHESIS 700, a tablet press machine guaranteeing straightforward operations, simple and fast product set-up, reproducible quality and operator friendliness. The machine features interchangeable turret and isolation between production and mechanical areas and is suitable also for both single and bi-layer tablets. WET and Wash In Place are also available.

IMA LIFE is proud to introduce on the Indian Market its new revolutionary aseptic filler XTREMA F2000. Movies, animations and customized presentations will be given on the booth daily. Our IMA LIFE experts will be available to illustrate the new innovative features of this high speed filler, equipped with 100% IPC at 400 vials/minute. State-of-the-art constructive details coupled with consolidated and worldwide renown filling technology, make of the new XTREMA Series the latest technological breakthrough in aseptic filling. Come and meet our experts there!

On show for the first time at P-MEC 2009, the C350 is a new blister machine devoted to Indian market, designed and manufactured by PRECISION GEARS in collaboration with IMA SAFE. It reaches a production speed of 350 blisters/minute. C350 has an excellent quality/price ratio and is suitable for the packaging of tablets, capsules and dragées.

Also on show for the first time at P-MEC 2009 is the A300, a new cartoner reaching a production speed of 300 cartons/minute and devoted to Indian market. Designed and manufactured by PRECISION GEARS in collaboration with IMA SAFE, it is very flexible and particularly suitable for the pharmaceutical market.

The EXCEL PLUS is a new blister machine ideal for small and medium batches which is highly flexible. Manufactured by PRECISION GEARS, it has an excellent quality/price ratio and is suitable for the packaging of tablets, capsules and dragées (180 blisters/minute).

The C102 is a new compact and economical tray forming machine manufactured by PRECISION GEARS. Thanks to extremely flexible features, the machine is especially suitable for small to medium production runs, when it is requested to pack vials, ampoules and syringes (up to 160 trays/minute). 

Finally on show, the T60, a new automatic tube filler manufactured by PRECISION GEARS in collaboration with CO.MA.DI.S. for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and foodstuff products (60 tubes/minute). It is suitable for aluminium, laminate, polythene and polyfoil tubes and is available with a large list of optional groups to complete every specific request.


IMA ACTIVE Division offers a complete range of machines for the process and production of solid dose products. Granulation equipment, manufactured both by IMA and ZANCHETTA, for wet granulation and drying for all types of production and layout requirements. Tablet press machines manufactured both by IMA and by KILIAN suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industries. Capsule filling machines with a wide assortment of filling and control systems. Coating systems with solid wall and perforated pans. Checkweighers for 100% control of tablets and capsules. Very flexible powder handling and washing systems manufactured by ZANCHETTA.

IMA LIFE offers machines for washing and sterilising pharmaceutical vials, filling and stoppering machines for aseptic environments, filling and closing machines for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, microdosing machines for aseptic powder filling and, thanks to IMA EDWARDS*, freeze-drying machinery. IMA LIFE also offers labellers, blowing machines, depackers and traying machines. IMA LIFE has recently acquired PHARMASIENA, an Italian company that specialise in the design and production of filling machines for ampoules and syringes in aseptic environments.

IMA SAFE is the only manufacturer that offers complete primary and secondary packaging line solutions to the pharmaceutical, toiletry, cosmetic and food industries. Blister machines have speed ranges from low to super high speed (1,300 blisters/minute). Low speed machines are also manufactured by the subsidiary PRECISION GEARS (India). Tablet counting machine production includes IMA SAFE NOVA (USA) and IMA SAFE SWIFTPACK (UK). Tube fillers are manufactured by IMA SAFE CO.MA.DI.S., while horizontal and vertical cartoners are manufactured by IMA SAFE. IMA SAFE LINE offers a complete range of end of line equipment which includes over-wrapping, shrink-wrapping, case packing and palletizing solutions.

*Edwards" is a registered trademark of Edwards Limited and is used by IMA Group under license.


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