May 12-14, 2010
Bologna Fiere
Bologna, Italy

Hall 19  - Stand  D27


At Pharmintech 2010 the IMA Group exhibited new machines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical products. The show has been the occasion to discover what’s new in the IMA world for the pharmaceutical industry. Our staff  illustrated the innovative features of our new solutions on show as well as our wide range of machines and complete lines to meet all your requirements.  

IMA ACTIVE Division exhibited new machines for the processing of pharmaceutical products.  

The ADAPTA’s DNA has its roots in IMA’s 50 years of experience and more than 5,000 capsule filling installations worldwide. This knowledge and experience have allowed the IMA capsule fillers to evolve and adapt to the ever changing requirements of the market. The machine features an exceptional design flexibility: two of its dosing units are reversible/interchangeable giving the possibility of a plug and play shift between different machine configurations and filling combinations. The machine is designed to dose 3 products (up to 5 upon request) into the same capsule, reaching a speed of 100,000 capsules/hour. The ADAPTA also has an indisputable efficiency as far as in-process control is concerned. With the appropriate options, total production control can be achieved thanks to individual check of product dosage and 100% control of gross and/or net weight. The ADAPTA will be exhibited in line with the HERCULES lifting column designed for handling drums. 

The new KILIAN S250 Smart has been developed to enhance the concept of flexibility and automation of the proven S250 tablet press, well known for its robustness and reliability. The new version combines established technology with the latest controls and an interchangeable turret. The upper machine head can be lifted to ease turret removal and allow access to the inner part of the press. This operation shortens the cleaning time and improves machine flexibility: the turret can be removed simply and quickly and can be swung out and positioned on a trolley. The machine has a very compact design and is operated via a modern touch screen control. The S250 Smart is available in three versions: Traditional, Classic and Prime. The machine reaches a maximum production speed of 300,000 tablets/hour and will be connected to ECONO-TEC dedusting unit and metal detector.

The CYCLOPS Lab Bin Tumbler is designed for blending and homogenising powders and granulates for the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry. The machine is equipped with the innovative TRIGON System, a universal Bin Blocking System with a unique Pharma GMP design. The CYCLOPS Tumbler has a powerful control system for the configuration of advanced process recipes, programming work cycles and displaying process parameters. The style of this machine is very simple and, thanks to this characteristic, cleaning and validation are very easy too. The machine is also available in the following versions: CYCLOPS Mini, CYCLOPS Midi and CYCLOPS Maxi.

The GHIBLI 50 is a very flexible fluid bed processing machine which can be set up to accept different product bowls, depending on product formulation and type of applications. The change from one insert to another can be done without tools and is therefore quick and easy. The product containers are fitted with an air distributor with screen designed to avoid product loss into the lower part of the machine, while the patented spraying system operates by means of a binary nozzle avoiding dripping. The granulation chamber can be lowered and rotated by means of a patented system, so that filter change and positioning are carried out from the external part of the machine without any need of lifts or platforms. Fabric and metallic filters are both available. Installations up to 12 bar ATEX compliant are available. A high flow Clean In Place is supplied to optimize cleaning times and water consumption. GHIBLI can be easily integrated with other granulation equipment for highly automated and contained installations.

Finally on show the SPINE, a machine for the inspection and sorting of tablets and capsules, produced by SENSUM. The machine has an ergonomic design and inspects the entire surface of tablets and capsules (i.e. size, shape, cracks, color deviations, etc.) reaching a high speed.

On show by IMA LIFE, the new SENSITIVE A400 TE 3T, a labelling machine featuring the application of labels on three of the carton's sides. In actual fact, this machine is capable of applying two tamper-evident security seals on the two sides of the carton and an optical label on the top side. The advantage of this machine, many of which have already been successfully inserted in production lines, is its compact and ergonomic design that allows it to be easily accessed and quickly cleaned. Among its features, do not forget the safe transferal of the carton, the expulsion of the non-conforming product and the tool-free size changeover. The machine on show is equipped with a laser printer and a control video camera in compliance  with the Track & Trace requirements. The SENSITIVE A400 TE 3T reaches a production speed of up to 400 cartons/minute.

IMA SAFE exhibited the TR200, an extremely versatile, medium production speed blister packaging machine (360 blisters/minute) that was designed for production cycles that require frequent size changeovers. All types of packaging materials can be used. Its compact design and balcony-type structure make it extremely accessible, easy to use and allows a full view of the entire production cycle. The TR200 has the best product price/performance/quality ratio in its product category and is perfect for producing both large and small batches. Size changeover times are quick due to the limited number of parts and user-friendly, error-free operations. Cleaning can be done very easily and quickly. In fact, the operator can access the entire machine due to the particular features of its design.

On show by IMA SAFE CO.MA.DI.S. the C970, a compact and innovative tube filler suitable for aluminium tubes, based on solid stainless steel structure and marked by quick change over and easy dismounting of contact parts without using any tool. “Quintessence” of reliability, ergonomy and ease of use, this model is evidence of CO.MA.DI.S. incomparable capability in manufacturing effective tube fillers, with accurate finishing and brilliant performances. The C970 reconfigures the contents of top class models, using many components from them: an excellent “entry level” in advanced automatic machines. The model on show is equipped with bar code reader and laser engraver. The C970 achieves a production speed of 70 tubes/minute.

IMA SAFE LINE exhibited the MS250AM, a new compact, servodriven stretch-bander designed for the pharmaceutical market. The cantilever structure and separation of the drive and production units allow the best access for service, maintenance and cleaning. Very quick size changeover, ergonomic film reels change, production speed up to 60 bundles per minute. As alternative to the standard up-stacking infeed system, the MS250AM can be arranged with a Pick & Place infeed system able to manage each single product or layer and collate bundles with several layers. Main features of Pick & Place system are the following: visual check allowed at any time, missing product check allowed by means of the vacuum, empty product at batch end, no minimum queue of products is required.


IMA ACTIVE Division offers a complete range of machines for the process and production of solid dose products. Granulation equipment, manufactured both by IMA and ZANCHETTA, for wet granulation and drying for all types of production and layout requirements. Tablet press machines manufactured both by IMA and by KILIAN suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industries. Capsule filling machines with a wide assortment of filling and control systems. Coating systems with solid wall and perforated pans. Checkweighers for 100% control of tablets and capsules. Very flexible powder handling and washing systems manufactured by ZANCHETTA.

IMA LIFE offers machines for washing and sterilising pharmaceutical vials, filling and stoppering machines for aseptic environments, filling and closing machines for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, microdosing machines for aseptic powder filling as well as industrial, pilot and laboratory freeze-dryers. IMA LIFE also offers labellers, blowing machines, depackers and traying machines. Last year IMA LIFE acquired PHARMASIENA, an Italian company that specialise in the design and production of filling machines for ampoules and syringes in aseptic environments.

IMA SAFE is the only manufacturer that offers complete primary and secondary packaging line solutions to the pharmaceutical, toiletry, cosmetic and food industries. Blister machines have speed ranges from low to super high speed (1,300 blisters/minute). Low speed machines are also manufactured by the subsidiary IMA-PG (India). Tablet counting machine production includes IMA SAFE NOVA (USA) and IMA SAFE SWIFTPACK (UK). Tube fillers are manufactured by IMA SAFE CO.MA.DI.S., while horizontal and vertical cartoners are manufactured by IMA SAFE. IMA SAFE LINE offers a complete range of end of line equipment which includes over-wrapping, shrink-wrapping, case packing and palletizing solutions. A new collaboration is also in place with UNIVERSAL PACK, one of the major experts in the field of stick-packing shaped and heat-sealed on four sides. At our stand you will find the appropriate commercial support about this kind of packaging.


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