October 26-29, 2010
China National Convention Center
Beijing, China


Stand no. 7001


China is regarded as one of the fastest growing economies and holds a lot of opportunities for existing companies in this area. IMA can boast a long standing presence in the Chinese market and, with this in mind, intends to further consolidate its market penetration.

At China-Pharm 2010 the IMA Group exhibited new solutions for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical products. Our staff was very pleased to meet you at China-Pharm 2010 to illustrate the innovative features of our wide range of machines and complete lines that meet all the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

IMA ACTIVE machines on show…

The new KILIAN S250 Smart has been developed to enhance the concept of flexibility and automation of the proven S250 tablet press, well known for its robustness and reliability. The new version combines established technology with the latest controls and an interchangeable turret. The upper machine head can be lifted to ease turret removal and allow access to the inner part of the press. This operation shortens the cleaning time and improves machine flexibility: the turret can be removed simply and quickly and can be swung out and positioned on a trolley. The machine has a very compact design and is operated via a modern touch screen control. The S250 Smart is available in three versions: Traditional, Classic and Prime. The machine reaches a maximum production speed of 300,000 tablets/hour and will be connected to ECONO-TEC dedusting unit and metal detector.

The ZANASI PLUS are capsule filling machines able to dose powders, pellets, liquids, tablets and microtablets into hard gelatine capsules. The powder and pellet dosing units feature dosators and pistons that move down in the powder bowl, picking up the product by means of vacuum. The liquid dosing group makes use of an extremely precise volumetric dosing system. The tablet dosing unit is fitted with feeding tubes and blades that transfer the tablets into the capsule body; finally the microtablets precise filling unit is composed of one wheel with a predefined number of holes and a drum with pushers to take the product inside the capsule. All ZANASI PLUS machines are fitted with a statistic weight checking unit for production monitoring and a self-adjustment system upon request. ZANASI PLUS 85 (on show) reaches a production speed of 85,000 capsules/hour.

The PERFIMA is a perforated pan for tablet coating allowing a high flexibility and reliability. The shape of the pan combined with the mixing baffles position ensure a perfect mixing of the cores and a uniform distribution of the coating material. The machine can work a wide range of batches: from 25% to 100% of the pan capacity, and the mixing capability is maintained in case of working with a minimum or a maximum quantity of product. The machine is completely isolated and can be therefore fitted with a completely automatic Clean In Place system. PERFIMA is available in three models: 200 (on show), 500 and 800.

IMA LIFE machines on show…

IMA LIFE exhibited the latest technological breakthrough in sterile filling: the XTREMA F2000. State-of-the-art technological level to offer the most flexible and configurable aseptic filler currently available on the market. The machine features an extremely innovative design, based on a modern modular concept, for actively managing the productive process. In-built versatility matched with a sophisticated thorough IPC system allows the user to gain control over each step of the production by intervening at any time, tailoring the machine to the current needs. The machine features a 100% IPC at the highest speed available on the market: up to 400 vials/minute. XTREMA F2000 can however reach a production speed of 600 vials/minute. Industry experience, proven filling technology and IMA LIFE expertise make of XTREMA F2000 much more than a machine. The XTREMA F2000 will be exhibited in line with a loading/unloading system of the latest generation. The system is combined with an integrated dummy shelf stack, to represent the physics of a lyophilizer. The Loading system is a row by row accumulating system and loads at constant level up to 200 vials/minute. The Loading system equipped with Passive RABS, is able to handle vials from 2 to 100 ml.

IMA SAFE machines on show…

One of the latest innovations is the C80HS-A96, an integrated blister line designed especially for the production of medium batches and frequent size changeovers. Based on the success of the well-known blister lines manufactured by IMA SAFE, the C80HS-A96 reaches a production speed of up to 700 blisters/minute and 450-500 cartons/minute. Innovative and compact design as well as its ergonomics permit maximum accessibility and cleanliness, operations which are in fact extremely easy and quick to perform. The machine concept has been based on the IMA philosophy of flexibility in operation and changeover combined with easy cleaning. Rejected blisters are easily identifiable due to a difference in shape to the correct ones, this therefore avoids any possible mix up during the production process. The C80HS-A96 incorporates all the advantages of an innovative and compact design setting it apart from others in its field.

IMA SAFE SWIFTPACK exhibited the SWIFTPHARM multi channel electronic counter for tablets and capsules. The machine takes electronic counting and bottle filling to higher levels of speed and accuracy and delivers twice the output of existing multi-track counters for a given footprint. The SWIFTPHARM has been designed to meet the highest standards of cGMP without the need for product contact change parts. The machine is 21CFR part 11 compliant creating an electronic record as an audit trail. Changeover is simple and fast without the use of tools and can be performed in less than 15 minutes excluding cleaning. Machine utilisation in production is therefore far higher than competitive machines. Production output for the machine is 100 bottles/minute. A twin version of the machine, delivers twice the performance. The new SWIFTPHARM counters offer a unique combination of speed, accuracy and control.

Finally on show from IMA SAFE LINE, the MS250 B, a new compact, servodriven stretch-bander designed for the pharmaceutical market. The cantilever structure and separation of the drive and production units allow the best access for service, maintenance and cleaning. Very quick size changeover. The machine is equipped with a pre-staking device enabling to absorb and stake high speed incoming cartons at low staking cycle. Due to servo driven technological solutions this latest model can reach production speeds as high as 60 bundles/minute, thus making it an ideal partner to any high-speed packaging line. Products are arranged in the required bundle configuration thanks to a lateral and a main pusher. The MS250 B is equipped with a new splicing device system, enabling reel changes without machine stops.


IMA ACTIVE Division offers a complete range of machines for the process and production of solid dose products. Granulation equipment, manufactured both by IMA and ZANCHETTA, for wet granulation and drying for all types of production and layout requirements. Tablet press machines manufactured both by IMA and by KILIAN suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industries. Capsule filling machines with a wide assortment of filling and control systems. Coating systems with solid wall and perforated pans. Checkweighers for 100% control of tablets and capsules. Very flexible powder handling and washing systems manufactured by ZANCHETTA.

IMA LIFE offers machines for the washing and sterilising of pharmaceutical vials, filling and stoppering in aseptic environments of vials, ampoules and syringes, filling and closing of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, microdosing of  aseptic powders as well as industrial, pilot and laboratory freeze-dryers, which can be combined with the industry's widest range of automated loading and unloading system solutions. IMA LIFE also offers labellers, blowing machines, depackers and traying machines.

IMA SAFE is the only manufacturer to offer complete primary and secondary packaging line solutions to the pharmaceutical, toiletry, cosmetic and food industries. Blister machines have speed ranges from low to super high speed (1,300 blisters/minute). Low speed machines are also manufactured by the subsidiary IMA-PG India. Tablet counting machine production includes IMA SAFE NOVA (USA) and IMA SAFE SWIFTPACK (UK). Tube fillers are manufactured by IMA SAFE CO.MA.DI.S., while horizontal and vertical cartoners are manufactured by IMA SAFE. IMA SAFE LINE offers a complete range of end-of-line equipment which includes over-wrapping, shrink-wrapping, case packing and palletizing solutions. A new collaboration is also in place with UNIVERSAL PACK, one of the major experts in the field of stick-packing, shaped and heat-sealed on four sides.


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