Fiera Milano City
Milan, Italy
October 5-7, 2011

IMA SpA: Hall 1 - Stand D65
Nutraceutics and food supplements are one of the most promising segments of consumer health-care. These products have experienced a double digit growth in many countries in recent years, driven by an increased consumer awareness of the importance of illness prevention and wellness and the opening up of new distribution channels.

Nutraceutic and food supplement raw materials are often derived from herbs or minerals and present some peculiar processing challenges like high compression forces, low flowability or highly abrasive properties and the regulatory environment is becoming more and more severe in terms of GMP requirements, certifications, controls and traceability.

IMA, world-wide leading supplier of automatic machines for pharmaceutical production, has for many years developed technology and solutions specifically designed for the requirements of the health food market. Reliability, user-friendliness and efficiency are some of the most distinctive and appreciated features of IMA’s technology for the nutraceutical sector.

We look forward to seeing you at NUCE International 2011 to illustrate the innovative features of our wide range of machines and complete lines to meet all your requirements.

Come and meet us at NUCE International to discover our new solutions for the nutraceutical sector!


IMA SAFE division, which includes IMA Safe Swiftpack, IMA Safe Nova, IMA Safe Comadis and IMA Safe PG, designs and builds complete lines for the primary and secondary packaging of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products. Features shared by all IMA Safe models are reliability, ease of use, minimal wastage of packaging materials and very low maintenance. 

For the nutraceutical market in particular, IMA Safe offers the following equipment:
Primary packaging
Standalone or monobloc machines for packaging capsules and tablets in blisters and cartons for any production and speed requirements (from 90 to 1300 blisters/minute).
IMA feeding systems are a result of 40 years’ experience in the blister packaging industry and obtain a filling efficiency of 99.9%, working at the highest speeds.

Capsule and tablet counters in bottles; from the various low volume/laboratory counting machine, to lines for companies that need high throughputs at high speed with different types of products (up to 40,000 products/minute or 400 vials/minute) and in complete safety.

Tube fillers for aluminium, polyethylene and laminated tubes. Featuring simple size changeover sequences, rapid disassembly of product contact parts and a user-friendly operator interface, they are able to produce between 2,000 and 15,000 tubes/hour, with configurations constantly in line with real production requirements.

Thanks to its collaboration with Universal Pack, IMA Safe also supplies complete lines for heat-sealed single-dose sachet and stick pack packaging.

Secondary packaging
IMA Safe cartoners are compact, versatile machines that adapt to any production layout. They are available for any production speed, carton type and closure. The flexibility of the many feeding systems enables the packaging of any type of product and different combinations of product. All IMA Safe cartoners attain maximum efficiency even when processing recycled material.

The complete range of end of line solutions offered by IMA Safe - Wrapping, Stretch Banding, Tray Packing,  Case Packing and Palletizing - is produced by IMA BFB Division.

IMA Safe also provides Checkweighing, Labelling and Track & Trace solutions and a wide range of services, including engineering support for complete installations, validation packages to support the customer’s on-site activities, training and courses at both IMA and/or the customer's site.

IMA ACTIVE division offers a complete range of machines and services for the production of solid dose products for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry: granulation equipment, tablet presses, machines for filling and sealing of hard gelatin capsules, film and sugar coating equipment.

As a leader in the pharmaceutical sector, IMA Active division has been providing solutions and systems for companies of all sizes in the nutraceutical industry for a long time. Among the distinctive characteristics which are most appreciated by our customers, is the ability to combine versatility and ease of use and maintenance, reliability, efficiency and accuracy even in the most challenging situations.

For the nutraceutical market in particular IMA Active division offers the following equipment:
For granulation
The ROTO MIX series of high shear mixer-granulators (HSMG) which are used for wet granulation reproducible processes with powder. Whereas the Roto Cube series of vertical type High Shear High Speed mixer granulator are used for vacuum drying as a "Single Pot" processor. IMA also offers a wide range of fluid beds for drying, granulation, layering and pelletization of powders and granules.

For tableting
The COMPRIMA series of tablet presses with centrifugal force feeding, or alternatively, force feed tablet press machines produced by Kilian, for compression of powders obtained by wet/dry granulation, or by simple mixing.

For capsule filling and banding
The ZANASI and ADAPTA series of intermittent motion capsule filling machines are for low, medium and high production (up to 100,000 cps/hour) or the IMATIC series of continuous motion capsule fillers are available for medium and high production (up to 200,000 cps/hour). IMA capsule fillers are suitable for the dosage of both single products or product combinations, whether in powder, pellet, or in the form of micro tablets or liquids.
Among the IMA range of machines the HERMETICA is available for capsule banding.

For coating
A wide range of solid wall coating pans (GS HT-HE-PR/A-HP and EVOLUTION series) and perforated pans (PERFIMA series). These systems can work with tablets, micro granules, pellets and perform processes of sugar/film coating or "powder layering".
IMA Active division also provides a wide range of services, including engineering support for complete installations, validation packages to support the customer’s on-site activities, test and process set-up assistance, training and courses at both IMA and/or the customer's site. IMA Active division has a fully equipped laboratory where our experts will provide their know-how to assist customers during tests with their products which can be carried out on pilot and/or production units, in controlled environments. Furthermore a highly qualified after sales team guarantees a top quality service in terms of speed and efficiency.

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