18-22 Giugno, 2012

Francoforte, Germania


Hall 3.0 - Stand F49

Great visitor success at the IMA stand at Achema 2012!

Our latest innovations for the pharmaceutical industry were displayed at Achema 2012


The recent Achema exhibition, the largest trade fair in the pharmaceutical sector, ended in Frankfurt on 22 June 2012 with a resounding success for IMA. The Group exhibited its latest machines and complete lines devised to satisfy the most sophisticated requests of the pharmaceutical industry.

The high number of quality specialist visitors to the IMA stand of more than 1,100 square meters included a very good percentage of foreign visitors, which underlined the achievement of Achema and the importance of exhibiting at this event. We recorded many visitors with especially high numbers from Europe, Middle East, India, Far East and Central-South America. There were also visitors from emerging countries, who expressed great interest in the new IMA range of machines and complete lines for the pharmaceutical industry.

These are positive results, giving a considerable number of new contacts and the opportunity for new business, all of which rewards IMA’s commitment to the high quality of products and technology presented at the event.

Achema 2012 presented the ideal opportunity to show IMA as a true specialist in the design and manufacture of automatic machines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical products thanks to a high technological profile and the ability to offer tailor-made solutions.

IMA comes closer than anyone to understanding and meeting your requirements: our machines are carefully designed and tested to guarantee the quality of your product. Due to our wide range of technologically advanced solutions for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical products, you can choose the type of machine most suited to your requirements. A variety of options for one unique product. 

IMA PHARMA machines on display

IMA ACTIVE division exhibited several innovative solutions for the process and production of solid dose products.

The ROTO CUBE 12 is a high shear granulator and single pot processor allowing the entire process of any type of product, from the loading of raw materials to the discharge of dry granules, to be carried out in a single, contained bowl, thus eliminating contact between product, operator and environment. It is fitted with a Clean In Place system that is very easy to validate. The machine is designed for simple integration into plants where a maximum level of containment is required and will be equipped with a Containment Valve.

The PERFIMA LAB is a perforated pan for tablet coating for R&D and scale up purposes. This laboratory system makes use of some highly advanced technology as those developed for the production range and this enables the processing of all kind of products, giving maximum flexibility and easy scale up. The high level of automation allows easy operation and maintenance procedures. The PERFIMA LAB will be exhibited in line with TWINVALVE and HERCULES column lifter.

Also on display the TWINVALVE, a simple and reliable solution to handle powders, granules, tablets and capsules. It can be used as a standard butterfly valve on bins and can be easily retrofitted on existing Powder Handling Plants allowing containment during powder transfer and high flexibility. The TWINVALVE, on display at Achema 2012, will be connected to the PERFIMA LAB. A Demo unit will also be available to show the cleaning by compressed air and water.

The ADAPTA capsule filler was born from IMA’s 50 years of experience and more than 8,000 installations world-wide. The machine features an exceptional flexibility and is designed to dose 3 products (up to 5 upon request) into the same capsule, reaching a speed of 100,000 capsules/hour. ADAPTA’s in-process control has an indisputable efficiency, achieving total production control thanks to individual check of product dosage and 100% control of gross and/or net weight. A completely accessible working area makes cleaning operations very easy. The machine presented at Achema will be configured for Dry Powder Inhalers manufacturing.

New on display is the PRECISA 150, an extremely simple and reliable automatic machine designed and constructed for 100% weight control and selection of pharmaceutical products in hard gelatine capsules and in tablets (up to 150,000 units/hour). The machine automatically conveys the product from the feeding hopper to the weighing cells. After the weighing, values are processed by the machine computer, which sends any out-of-weight product to a specific container.

The KILIAN SYNTHESIS 500 2G mid-size tablet press combines the well known separation of the compression area from the lower machine compartment, with new solutions for high efficiency and flexibility, cleaning and isolation technologies. This unique design increases run time, enables rapid cleaning and extends cam and tooling life. The torque drive system and the new optimized dust aspiration are standard on all machines. The control system 'ViCon' with its innovative “Trending” and “Human RQ” options enable easy and quick machine set-up.

Among the new solutions on display is the S250 Smart tablet press, which combines established technology with the latest controls and an interchangeable turret. The machine has a very compact design and is operated via a modern touch screen control. The upper machine head can be lifted to ease turret removal and allow access to the inner part of the press, shortening cleaning time and improving machine flexibility. The S250 Smart is available in three versions: Traditional, Classic and Prime. The machine reaches a maximum production speed of 300,000 tablets/hour.

The new STYL'One Evolution research press will be presented at Achema 2012. This versatile and easy-to-use machine can bring unique functionalities to the R&D users. It is able to produce compression studies easily with a minimal amount of powder and can perform full rotary presses simulation. It can be upgraded to multilayer and tab-in-tab. Fully instrumented with a user-friendly software, the STYL'One Evolution can perform all types of studies automatically and clinical batches production with an output up to 1,200 tablets/hour.  

Finally on display, the SPINE, an automatic inspection and sorting system for tablets and capsules produced by SENSUM. The machine has an ergonomic design and inspects the entire surface of tablets and capsules (i.e. size, shape, cracks, colour deviations, etc.) reaching a high inspection speed up to 360.000 products/hour.

IMA LIFE division exhibited several innovative solutions for aseptic processing and freeze drying.

The STERIFILL SMART is the ultimate innovation in the IMA LIFE range of liquids and powder filling machines. Particularly suited to small to medium batch production, configured to handle glass and plastic vials within the SVP (small volume parenterals) filling range. The machine is completely servo driven and can reach up to 120 vpm (double index) and contemporarily offer 100% IPC of all vials filled. All types of dosing systems can be installed on the machine. The STERIFILL SMART is pre-arranged to receive RABS or ISOLATORS

The XTREMA F2000 is the most flexible and configurable aseptic filler currently available on the market. The machine features an innovative design, based on a modern modular concept, for actively managing the productive process. The machine features a 100% IPC at the highest speed available on the market: up to 400 vials/minute. XTREMA F2000 can however reach a production speed of 600 vials/minute. Industry experience, proven filling technology and IMA LIFE expertise make of XTREMA F2000 much more than a machine.  

Among the new solutions on display is the STERIFILL B8-A, a linear ampoule filling and sealing machine for pharmaceuticals. Designed for drugs processing in aseptic conditions, with a very slim design, it can be installed either in traditional class 100 area or under RABS, and offers an output speed of up to 400 ampoules/minute. The machine can handle any type of ampoules available on the market, open and closed: optimum efficiency is achieved by integrating the machine into fully automatic production lines.

Another solution on display is the STERIFILL RS-P2V, a filling and stoppering machine RTF syringes. The main feature is the use of vacuum during the process of filling and stoppering to reduce the size of the bubble between the product and the stopper.

As part of the IMA LIFE new range of own isolators, a new Isolator API and Excipients dispensing is showcased. The Isolator consists of one pre-chamber and a main chamber where weighing and dispensing are performed. The unit is suitable for high toxic products, OEL 5 / Category 4.

MINIFAST 10 is part of an innovative range of lyophilisers. Thanks to the MINIFAST range, IMA LIFE has established the connecting factor between a typical bench-top freeze dryer used in laboratories and the industrial LYOFAST or LYOMAX range of freeze dryers. The MINIFAST provides the customer with the direct ‘line of sight' required by the FDA between the pilot type freeze dryer that is suitable for scale-up and the larger full production freeze dryers.

Two carton labelers are also showcased, the SENSITIVE A400 TE for tamper evident sealing on two carton’s edges and the new SENSITIVE AP400 TE 3T cartons labeler featuring the application of labels on three of the carton's sides, with positive transport system. The machine is capable of applying two tamper-evident security seals on the two sides of the carton and one vignette on the top side. The advantage of this machine, many of which have already been successfully inserted in production lines, is the compact and ergonomic design that allows an easy access and a quick cleaning. With a production capacity of up to 500 cartons/minute both labellers feature video-cameras and printers to comply with the highest Track & Trace and serialization requirements. 

IMA SAFE division exhibited several innovative solutions for the packaging of pharmaceutical products.

The C80HS-A86 is one of the latest innovations on show: an integrated blister line designed especially for the production of medium batches and frequent size changeovers. Its innovative and compact design is based on IMA’s philosophy of flexibility in operation. Due to maximum accessibility the machine can be quickly changed over and easily cleaned. The design and innovative features of the C80HS-A86 set it apart from all others in the field.

Another new solution on display is the IMA-PG Super, a high speed blister machine designed and manufactured by IMA-PG India. The IMA-PG Super has an excellent quality/price ratio and is suitable for the packaging of tablets and capsules. It has been designed for same speed for ALU-ALU blister production, as well as traditional PVC/PVDC-Aluminium blisters. The new blister machine is equipped with an oscillating feeder for more efficient and controlled feeding and has a very quick size changeover.

The SWIFTPHARM is the innovative multi channel electronic counter for tablets and capsules manufactured by IMA SAFE SWIFTPACK. The machine takes electronic counting and bottle filling to higher levels of speed and accuracy and delivers twice the output of existing multi-track counters for a given footprint. It has been designed to meet the highest standards of cGMP without the need for product contact change parts. The machine reaches a production output of 120 bottles/minute. A twin version of the machine, delivers twice the performance.
Among the new solutions on display is the X1, a medium speed cartoner which has been specifically designed to handle the widest range of products and materials that are used in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and non-pharmaceutical industries. The X1 has the best quality-price ratio available on the market in terms of performance and versatility.

IMA SAFE CO.MA.DI.S. will exhibit its “benchmark” tube filler C1110, equipped with the latest generation of independent ergonomic tube loader, size parts free; this pharmaceutical configuration includes a laser engraving unit (providing considerable advantages in terms of flexibility), profitably completed by an advanced vision system. Available in different levels of automation along with the widest range of additional devices, the C1110 grants the “state of the art” of single nozzle technology: complete, fast, easy to use.

Finally on display, SOMBRERO which is a one of a kind blister feeding system that the entire market has been waiting for. With SOMBRERO, different product shapes, different product sizes and products with different tolerances can be fed with only one format. And we forgot to mention different blister forming materials: both cold and thermo forming materials can use SOMBRERO. 

IMA INDUSTRIES machines on display 

BFB Division exhibited an innovative solution for the end of line sector. 

The MS250 B is a compact, servodriven stretch-bander designed for the pharmaceutical market. The cantilever structure and separation of the drive and production units allow the best access for service, maintenance and cleaning. Very quick size changeover, ergonomic film reels change, production speed up to 60 bundles/minute. As alternative to the standard up-stacking infeed system, the MS250 B can be arranged with a Pick & Place infeed system able to manage each single product or layer and collate bundles with several layers.

Finally on display, the Robotized 3-Axis Pick & Place system for pharmaceutical/medical devices assembling manufactured by GIMA.

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