April 17-19, 2013
Bologna, Italy


Hall 19 - Stand D25
At Pharmintech 2013 the IMA Group will exhibit in a stand of 500 square metres innovative solutions for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical products. The show will be the occasion to discover what’s new in the IMA world for the pharmaceutical industry. Our staff will be available to illustrate the innovative features of our new solutions on show as well as our wide range of machines and complete lines to meet all your requirements.  

Discover at Pharmintech 2013 our new solutions for the pharmaceutical industry!

Here are the solutions on display at the forthcoming Pharmintech:

IMA ACTIVE machines on display

The ADAPTA capsule filler was born from IMA’s 50 years of experience and more than 5,000 installations worldwide and features an exceptional design flexibility: two of its dosing units are reversible/interchangeable giving the possibility of a plug and play shift between different machine configurations and filling combinations. Designed to dose 3 products, and up to 5 upon request, into the same capsule, without affecting its production speed of 100,000 capsules/hour. ADAPTA has an indisputable efficiency as far as in-process control is concerned. Total production control can be achieved, even in case of products combination, for each single product dosage including possible self-adjustment of machine working parameters. Upon request ADAPTA can be configured for the contained processing of HAPI (Highly Active Potent Ingredients).

Among the new solutions on display from IMA ACTIVE division is the GS 70 Evolution, a solid wall pan for film and sugar coating of tablet, pellets and microgranules. This machine is particularly designed for highly automated coating installations and can be configured to satisfy containment requirements for high potent products processing. It can be supplied in two different versions: as standard with product discharge achieved through a discharge tube or with spiralled pan for automatic high efficiency discharge of product and water. GS Evolution can be equipped with an automatic and validable Clean In Place System.

The KILIAN SYNTHESIS 500 2G mid-size tablet press combines the well known separation of the compression area from the lower machine compartment, with new solutions for high efficiency and flexibility, cleaning and isolation technologies. This unique design increases run time, enables rapid cleaning and extends cam and tooling life. The torque drive system and the new optimized dust aspiration are standard on all machines. The control system 'ViCon' with its innovative “Trending” and “Human RQ” options enable easy and quick machine set-up.

The CYCLOPS BIN tumbler is designed for blending and homogenising powders and granulates for the pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry. The innovative TRIGON System, a universal Bin Blocking System with a unique Pharma GMP design, simplifies the loading/unloading operations of wheeled Bins or Bins handled by standard hand-pallet/fork-lifts. The style of this machine, which is available in 3 different versions, is very simple and, thanks to this characteristic, cleaning and validation are very easy too.

The ROTO CUBE LAB is a compact High Shear Mixer Granulator and Single-Pot Processor for R&D purposes. It is used to process small batch sizes (2Kg - 4Kg) carrying out the entire process, from granulation to the drying of granules, in one contained bowl. This means that contact between product, operator and environment is minimized. The ROTO CUBE LAB is suitable for the development of potent products and allows total batch reproducibility, ensuring high product yields.

IMA LIFE machines on display

The XTREMA F2000 is the most flexible and configurable aseptic filler currently available on the market. The machine features an extremely innovative design, based on a modern modular concept, for actively managing the productive process. In-built versatility matched with a sophisticated thorough IPC system allows the user to gain control over each step of the production by intervening at any time, tailoring the machine to the current needs. Processing all vial sizes in the SVP and LVP range, the machine features a 100% IPC at the highest speed available on the market: up to 400 vials/minute. XTREMA F2000 can however reach a production speed of 600 vials/minute.

Among the new solutions on display from IMA LIFE division is the SENSITIVE AP400 TE 3T, a labelling machine featuring the application of labels on three of the carton's sides. In actual fact, this machine is capable of applying two tamper-evident security seals on the two sides of the carton and an optical label on the top side. The advantage of this machine, many of which have already been successfully inserted in production lines, is its compact and ergonomic design that allows it to be easily accessed and quickly cleaned. The SENSITIVE AP400 TE 3T reaches a production speed of up to 400 cartons/minute.

The SENSITIVE 350 is a completely automatic labelling machine, designed to apply self-adhesive labels on the body of cylindrical containers in glass, metal or plastic. Containers are fed and transported to the label distribution head by a belt conveyor with independent motorization and automatic speed synchronization. The machine can work in-line with packing machines and up or downstream rotating accumulating tables. The SENSITIVE 350 reaches a production speed of up to 350 pieces/minute.

IMA SAFE machines on display

The TR200 is an extremely versatile, medium production speed blister packaging machine (360 blisters/minute) that was designed for production cycles that require frequent size changeovers. The TR200 is perfect for producing both large and small batches. Its compact design and balcony-type structure make it extremely accessible, easy to use and allows a full view of the entire production cycle. All types of packaging materials can be used. Size changeover is quick and thorough cleaning can be done very easily since the operator can access the entire machine due to the particular features of its design.

The EXCEL Plus is a medium speed, intermittent motion, Flat Forming & Flat Sealing Blister Packing Machine, suitable for the blister with thermo forming and cold forming material. Ideal for small and medium batches which is highly flexible. Designed and manufactured by IMA-PG India, it has an excellent quality/price ratio and is suitable for the packaging of tablets, capsules and dragees with a production speed of 160-180 blisters/minute. This machine is with Balcony construction, state of art automation practices and quick tool less change over for size parts.

Among the new solutions on display from IMA SAFE division is the CS Linear, designed and manufactured by CO.MA.DI.S. that presents its single-nozzle version of tube filling machine based on a linear track, as a profitable alternative to the “classic” C1090-C1110 range. The main features are: outstanding machine accessibility, simple size changeover sequences, quick disassembly of product contact parts, user-friendly and effective control logics. This new machine is designed with the operator in mind. The CS Linear reaches an output of 100 tubes/minute.

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