June 20-23, 2013
Beijing, P.R. China

Hall 9 - Booth T903
C28: the new tea bag machine
for ecological filter bags
on display for the first time
at Beijing International Tea Expo 2013

If you are looking for new, high performance, reliable and flexible solutions for the packaging of tea, come and visit our booth at Beijing International Tea Expo 2013: a chance to meet our staff and discover more about the innovative features of our wide range of machines to meet all your requirements.

IMA TEA & COFFEE Division will exhibit for the first time in China the new C28. Based on the experience and know-how gained in the development of the C24 and C27 models, the C28 takes advantage of the already consolidated knot technology for the production of a high quality ecological double chamber teabag at a reduced speed (180 bags or envelopes/minute).

The new C28 combines IMA’s traditional standards of flexibility and versatility with a simpler technological content offering the possibility to pack naked bags, crimped outer envelopes or heatsealed outer envelopes together with suitable final packaging solutions (hand removal or automatic cartoning attachment).

The new C28 is the response to the market demand for low capacity production of high quality non heatsealable double chamber teabags with string and tag.

Don’t miss the chance to visit our booth and
know more about our new solutions for the packaging of tea!

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