April 23-25, 2013
New York, NY - USA


Booth # 2553
At Interphex NY 2013 the IMA Group will exhibit in a stand of around 350 square metres innovative solutions for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical products. The show will be the occasion to discover what’s new in the IMA world for the pharmaceutical industry. Our staff will be available to illustrate the innovative features of our new solutions on show as well as our wide range of machines and complete lines to meet all your requirements.  

DA VINCI is back: discover it at IMA LIFE booth!

Don’t miss our new machines on display and the chance to know more about our solutions!

IMA ACTIVE will exhibit some innovative machines for the processing of pharmaceutical products. 

New on display is the PRECISA 150 for 100% weight control and selection of pharmaceutical products in hard gelatine capsules and in tablets (up to 150,000 units/hour). PRECISA 150 has an extremely compact design to save space in the production area and it is easily manoeuvrable due to the fitting of wheels. The machine automatically conveys the product from the feeding hopper to the weighing cells. After the weighing, values are elaborated by the machine computer, which sends any out-of-weight product to a specific container. Batch report is created and saved, available for display or printing or archiving into removable or network storage media. PRECISA 150 is a stand-alone machine that can also be connected in line with all current capsule filling machines on the market that are not equipped with an integrated 100% weighing control. If higher speed is required, the PRECISA 230 can reach a speed of 230,000 units/hour.

The ADAPTA capsule filler represents one of the latest and most important innovations of IMA ACTIVE. Launched in 2009, it has been a great commercial success: still solidly maintaining the original winning features of IMA capsule filling technology but combined with modern concepts of flexibility and modularity, this machine can evolve and adapt to customers’ ever changing requirements. Two of its dosing units are reversible/interchangeable giving the possibility of a plug and play shift between different machine configurations and filling combinations. Designed to dose 3 products, and up to 5 upon request, into the same capsule, without affecting its production speed of 100,000 capsules/hour. ADAPTA has an indisputable efficiency as far as in-process control is concerned. Total production control can be achieved, even in case of products combination, for each single product dosage including possible self-adjustment of machine working parameters. Upon request ADAPTA can be configured for the contained processing of HAPI (Highly Active Potent Ingredients).

The PERFIMA 200 is part of a range of perforated pans for tablet coating able to solve all challenges of film and sugar coating processes. The shape of the pan combined with the position of the Shark Fin mixing baffles ensure a perfect mixing of the cores and a uniform distribution of the coating material. The machine is completely isolated and is suitable for full containment installations and to perform a completely automatic Clean In Place. The machine can be fitted with automatic product loading and discharge. On a standard PERFIMA pan, product discharge is achieved through a discharge tube connected to the pan by a fast fixing system. The system has no dead zone and guarantees 100% product discharge to the bin. The PERFIMA Lab for R&D purposes is also available.

The ROTO LAB is a compact High Shear Mixer Granulator and Single-Pot Processor for R&D purposes. It is used to process small batch sizes (2Kg - 4Kg) carrying out the entire process, from granulation to the drying of granules, in one contained bowl. This means that contact between product, operator and environment is minimized. The ROTO CUBE LAB is suitable for the development of potent products and allows total batch reproducibility, ensuring high product yields. A complete range of machines for production purposes, up to 3,000 litres (bowl geometrical capacity) is also available.

The KILIAN SYNTHESIS 500 2G mid-size tablet press combines the well-known separation of the compression area from the lower machine compartment, with new solutions for high efficiency and flexibility, cleaning and isolation technologies. This unique design increases run time, enables rapid cleaning and extends cam and tooling life. The torque drive system and the new optimized dust aspiration are standard on all machines. The control system 'ViCon' with its innovative “Trending” and “Human RQ” options enable easy and quick machine set-up.

Finally on display, the SPINE: an automatic inspection and sorting system for tablets and capsules produced by SENSUM. The machine has an ergonomic design and inspects the entire surface of tablets and capsules (i.e. size, shape, cracks, colour deviations, etc.) reaching a high inspection speed. The SPINE will be exhibited equipped with the HELIX, an automatic lifting and Dedusting of Tablets & Capsules.

IMA LIFE will launch the latest breakthrough in Loading/Unloading systems. 

Discover the innovative solutions of DA VINCI Loading/Unloading systems on display for the first time by IMA LIFE, one of the few suppliers in the world that designs, manufactures and tests a full range of proven systems for fully automatic loading and unloading vials into industrial freeze dryers.

As part of the IMA LIFE C_RABS (Closed_Reduced Access Barrier System), an example of ACTIVE CLOSED RABS, complete with glove-ports and a Rapid Transfer Port, will also be showcased. The C_RABS is suitable to integrate manual processes or automatic machines such as filling, stoppering and/or capping units or freeze drying loading/unloading systems. It is equipped with inflatable gaskets, made of 316L st. st., internally mirror-bright polished with rounded corners (>1 inch radius), in order to be easily cleaned and decontaminated. Thanks to the presence of a built-in Unidirectional Air Flow (laminar flow) it can be used for Aseptic processes. Inflatable gaskets on each door allow the handling of slightly toxic products, as well.

IMA SAFE will exhibit SWIFTPHARM, multi channel electronic counter for tablets and capsules.

The SWIFTPHARM, manufactured by IMA SAFE SWIFTPACK, takes electronic counting and bottle filling to higher levels of speed and accuracy and delivers twice the output of existing multi-track counters for a given footprint. It has been designed to meet the highest standards of cGMP without the need for product contact change parts. The machine reaches a production output of 120 bottles/minute. A twin version of the machine, delivers twice the performance. The machine on show is equipped with AV Colour Camera (AFC) for foreign product detection. 

 For more info : exhibitions@ima.it