May 14-16, 2013

Geneva, Switzerland

Stand # 15058

If you are looking for new, high performance, reliable and flexible solutions for the nutraceutical industry, come and visit our stand at Vitafoods Europe 2013: a chance to meet our staff and discover more about the innovative features of our wide range of machines and complete lines to meet all your requirements.

Our machines are carefully designed and tested to guarantee the quality of your product. Due to our wide range of technologically advanced solutions for the processing and packaging of nutraceutical products, you can choose the type of machine most suited to your requirements. A variety of options for one unique product.

Don’t miss the chance to know more about our solutions for the nutraceutical market!

IMA ACTIVE division offers a complete range of machines for the process and production of solid dose products and has been providing solutions and systems for companies of all sizes in the nutraceutical industry for a long time. Herbs, minerals, vitamins and all the nutraceutical products have to be carefully processed to maintain their healing properties and IMA ACTIVE can supply the right solution.

On display from IMA ACTIVE at Vitafoods Europe 2013 the ZANASI 40, a capsule filling machine which covers low and medium speed requirements and provides maximum versatility in terms of combinations of workable products: powders, pellets, microtablets, tablets and liquids. The ZANASI 40 can reach a speed of 40,000 capsules/hour.

Thanks to the long expertise acquired in aseptic processing and freeze-drying, IMA LIFE division is prepared to challenge the increasing trends of the nutraceutical sector. With a new culture of health and paying special attention to the product, IMA LIFE combines a unique vision MAN/NATURE, proposing high level and customized packaging solutions able to keep the nutritive and pharmaceutical properties of your product unaltered.

division designs and manufactures complete primary and secondary packaging lines and offers a wide range of equipment and technical solutions for nutraceutical products. IMA SAFE equipment is reliable, easy to use, requires very low maintenance and can also supply “green” solutions which reduce the ecological footprint including the use of recycled packaging material.


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