November  9-11, 2014
Dubai, UAE

Hall A1 - Booth A1-12


The IMA Industries booth at Gulfood 2014 will be very innovative: a chance to discover what’s new in the IMA world for the cosmetics, tea, coffee and food industries.

The customers and visitors will have the chance to enter a new dimension to experience the technology, an opportunity to discover and better appreciate the details and high precision technology of IMA’s automatic machines.

Innovative exciting multimedia channel will allow visitors to get right inside the machines, see the details even in slow motion and witness the technology from within.

The iPad-controlled Videowall is a high-tech, high-resolution screen which brings IMA packaging equipment to life in nothing less than life-size motion. An emotional experience, but also a close-up view of how stunningly impressive IMA solutions are today.

On the booth we will display the IMA C28 machine, an automatic tea bag packaging machine for non heat-sealable double chamber filter bags with knotted string, hard tag but without aluminium staple.

A small, compact machine that encompasses high technology and simple operation in a versatile, flexible and efficient solution.

The IMA C28 filter bag is based on a traditional non heat-sealable double chamber bag that guarantees optimum infusion efficiency enabling the natural tea aroma to flow out.

No metal staple or additional packaging materials are required. This innovative feature avoids the presence of metallic material during infusion, whilst guaranteeing, at the same time, a discerning and functional filter bag. 
Despite of the simple machine structure, the C28 offers the possibility to individually wrap the filter bag in either heatsealed or crimped outer envelope guaranteeing the preservation of herbs, flavoured teas and pharmaceutical infusion


IMA INDUSTRIES, the non-pharmaceutical sector of the IMA Group, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of automatic machines for the packaging of tea, coffee, beverage and confectionery, and for the processing and packaging of food (dairy and convenience food), cosmetics and toiletries, all capable of rapidly meeting clients’ requirements and proposing integrated and highly marketing-oriented solutions. IMA INDUSTRIES includes six different companies and divisions: TEA & COFFEE DivisionGIMA S.p.A., CORAZZA S.p.A.GIMA TT S.r.l.BFB DivisionREVISIONI INDUSTRIALI S.r.l.


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