April 13-15, 2016
Bologna, Italy



IMA SpA: Hall 19 - Booth D27-E27

At the forthcoming edition of Pharmintech, the IMA Group will exhibit new incoming solutions for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical products.

The high precision technology of IMA’s machines and complete lines will also be revealed in the tiniest detail through cutting-edge solutions such as a jumbo screen videowall.

Let’s discover the IMA new cutting edge technological advances on display at Pharmintech 2016!

Tablet press machine

Everything gained in years of experience and expertise in the industry has been carefully channelled into PREXIMA, IMA ACTIVE’s new tablet press machine. Powered by IMA’s knowledge of the sector, designed with unique Italian style, built to deliver top-level performance, the PREXIMA will drive your productivity to a higher level of efficiency. Based on the proven Comprima concept, PREXIMA ensures complete separation between processing and mechanical areas thanks to the use of purposely designed seals and protections. Along with this feature, the design also provides great accessibility: the processing area is fully accessible once the external doors are opened, while access to the machine basement is required only for maintenance. The PREXIMA’s compression support is based on three columns linked together by two strong cast iron structures. The compression rollers are incorporated within the two cast iron structures and supported on both sides. This exceptionally sturdy structure - an essential requirement for high quality tablets - guarantees both pre-compression and main compression forces up to 100 kN with maximum reliability. The removal of the turret is quick and easy thanks to a rotating arm completely housed in the upper mechanical compartment. The HMI guides the operator step by step during each phase of turret extraction. PREXIMA is also provided with the new XIMA HMI, which was recently awarded with the A’ Design Award 2015 for its usability and its strategic role in improving operators’ efficiency.

Perforated coating pan

IMA ACTIVE will also exhibit the EFFECTA, a new perforated coating pan for tablet film and sugar coating. The machine has been designed to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, with particular reference to the production of generics and OTC. Given the historic success of its coating pans, IMA ACTIVE maintained the functionality of perforated drum shape, ensuring both an effective spray application and mixing of tablet cores. The specially designed baffles are positioned in the central sector of the drum ensuring a uniform distribution of the sprayed coating solution.

Filling and stoppering machine

STERIFILL RSP5 is a new filling and stoppering machine for ready-to use, disposable syringes in nests. The machine designed and manufactured by IMA LIFE is suitable for small-batch filling and for stopper insertion and can be equipped with cRABS or isolator. Its compact design allows the machine to be part of a complete processing line or also serve as a stand-alone filler. The machine can be equipped with 2 or 5 rotary piston pumps either in stainless steel or in ceramic, driven by servomotor. Other types of filling systems, typical of the aseptic operations such as, for example, Peristaltic Pumps are also available. CIP-SIP system and 100% IPC options are on Customer’s demand, as well.

CS Linear
Linear tube filling machine 

CS Linear is a tube filling machine designed and manufactured by CO.MA.DI.S. that presents its single-nozzle version based on a linear track. The main features are: outstanding machine accessibility, simple size changeover sequences, quick disassembly of product contact parts, user-friendly and effective control logics. All functions are visible, easily controlled and managed. The CS Linear reaches an output of 100 tubes/minute.


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