November 6-9, 2016
Chicago, Il, USA

South Hall - Booth # 3547


At Pack Expo 2016 the IMA Group will exhibit, in a booth of around 800 square meters, many new solutions for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, tea, coffee and food industries.

The high precision technology of IMA’s machines and complete lines will also be revealed in the tiniest detail through cutting-edge solutions such as huge screen videowalls.

At the IMA booth at Pack Expo, visitors will have the chance to visit:

PROCESS INNOVATION HUB, a corner dedicated to
novel process technologies

CONTINUUS PHARMACEUTICAL offers a breakthrough Integrated Continuous Manufacturing (ICM) technology for small molecule pharmaceuticals, where the synthesis of the active ingredient and the final dosage form are integrated into a seamless process. This novel method allows “on-demand” manufacturing of pharmaceuticals with significant advantages in production lead time, quality, and costs.

Share a new way to design freeze dryers and innovative processes with regard to accelerating Freeze-Drying. ICE-FOG NUCLEATION AND SPRAY FREEZE DRYERS are on the go. 

COATING CORNER, dedicated to the launch of
the Coating-Wise Program

IMA ACTIVE knows that there are three key points to ensure favorable coating performance: suitable formulation both for cores and coating dispersion, deep knowledge in setting up process parameters, efficient technology for optimal coating distribution. Supporting our customers in developing different coating formulations and optimizing coating processes has allowed us to gain extensive expertise over the past 30 years. Why to launch the Coating-Wise Program? To expand to North America the leadership position that we have on the EMEA countries.

CORNER for STERI LIF3 presentation

IMA LIFE will reveal an innovative fill-finish concept to alternatively process nested syringes, vials and cartridges for small to medium batch sizes.

At Pack Expo 2016, IMA LIFE will reveal an innovative fill-finish concept to alternatively process nested syringes, vials and cartridges for small to medium batch sizes. STERI LIF3 is the ultimate fully automatic highly flexible filling, stoppering and capping machine for aseptic environments, applying dedicated robotics to efficiently ensure product transfer/handling operations and single-use disposables to deliver state-of-the-art processing of sterile injectables. The compact integrated capping operations offers the reliability of an automated production line, minimizing space and preserving cross-contamination risks. Suitable for barrier technology implementation and equipped with 100% IPC, it can be considered as a real answer to the current market trends in terms of Sterile processing requirements and to the cGMP regulatory expectations and FDA guidelines. Come and discover our high dynamic and full 3D technology for getting a unique interactive experience with “true to life” machine demos. STERI LIF3 different perspectives will be revealed by surfing on animated process visualizations and entering in cross-sectional views of machine integrated parts and functions.

Let’s discover the machines on display!

Tablet press machine

Everything gained in years of experience and expertise in the industry has been carefully channelled into PREXIMA, IMA ACTIVE’s new tablet press machine. Powered by IMA’s knowledge of the sector, designed with unique Italian style, built to deliver top-level performance, the PREXIMA will drive your productivity to a higher level of efficiency. PREXIMA ensures complete separation between processing and mechanical areas thanks to the use of purposely designed seals and protections. Along with this feature, the design also provides great accessibility: the processing area is fully accessible once the external doors are opened, while access to the machine basement is required only for maintenance. The PREXIMA’s compression support is based on three columns linked together by two strong cast iron structures. This exceptionally sturdy structure guarantees both pre-compression and main compression forces up to 100 kN with maximum reliability. The removal of the turret is quick and easy: the HMI guides the operator step by step during each phase of turret extraction. PREXIMA is also provided with the new XIMA HMI, which was awarded with the A’ Design Award 2015 for its usability and its strategic role in improving operators’ efficiency.

In-line control system

The new PATVIS APA system is produced by SENSUM. PATVIS APA is a Process Analytical Technology Visual Inspection System for monitoring, understanding and optimization of fluid bed pharmaceutical production processes. This system enables real-time monitoring and fully automated analysis of size and shape of particles throughout processing. It is portable and can be easily integrated to existing viewing ports for in-line inspection or used as a standalone device for at-line or off-line inspection.

Filling and stoppering machine

STERIFILL RSP5 is the IMA LIFE’s filling and stoppering machine for ready-to use, disposable syringes in nests. The machine is suitable for small-batch filling and for stopper insertion and can be equipped with cRABS or isolator. Its compact design allows the machine to be part of a complete processing line or also serve as a stand-alone filler. The machine can be equipped with 2 or 5 rotary piston pumps either in stainless steel or in ceramic, driven by servomotor. Other types of filling systems, typical of the aseptic operations such as, for example, Peristaltic Pumps are also available. CIP-SIP system and 100% IPC options are on Customer’s demand, as well.

Carton labeller

The SENSITIVE AP400 COMPACT is the IMA LIFE’s latest development in the field of carton labelling that will be presented at Pack Expo 2016 in preview. The main advantage of this machine is the extreme compact and ergonomic design. Its reduced overall length of 1.400 mm allows effective and valuable integrations in the major challenging packaging lines, where space availability and high speed requirements are the foremost prerequisites to cope with. As the traditional series, the SENSITIVE AP400 COMPACT has been conceived to feature the application of labels on three of the carton's sides, with positive transport system. The machine is capable of applying two tamper-evident security seals on the two sides of the carton and one vignette on the top side, depending on the different printing systems configurations. The highest Track & Trace and serialization requirements are fully fulfilled by the more advanced camera vision systems and printers applications. The SENSITIVE AP400 COMPACT can perform a production speed of up to 400 cartons/minute.

Cartoning machine

The X1 is a new medium speed cartoner which has been specifically designed and manufactured by IMA SAFE to handle the widest range of products and materials that are used in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and non-pharmaceutical industries. The X1 has the best quality-price ratio available on the market in terms of performance and versatility. The X1 reaches a production speed of 140 cartons/minute.

Automatic tube filler

Suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and foodstuff products, IMA SAFE COMADIS C1290 tube filling machine was designed “to pick up the baton” from the renowned C1090 series. Based on larger turntable with 12 working stations, it is marked by user-friendly control logics, easy changeover and quick disassembly of contact parts. It is available with a wide choice of tube loading devices: integrated within machine perimeter, independent ergonomic loader or robotized tube feeder.  Innovative features of the C1290 include the cleaning station placed in vertical position, re-designed turntable adjustment, batch data collection – by pen drive – via USB port and larger operator panel (12” instead of 8”). The aluminium tube folding unit is suitable for standard, double or saddle tube folding; while the polythene and laminate tubes can be sealed by hot jaws, hot air or high frequency technologies. Thanks to the design criteria the machine allows an easy access to the four sides of the basement for cleaning and maintenance operations. The C1290 reaches a production speed of 90 tubes per minute.

Capsule filling and sealing machine

The GIMA 590 machine can handle both injected and thermoformed capsules of different dimensions. In case of self-protected capsules, the machine can also handle them in modified atmosphere (nitrogen). It represents the reliable and cost effective option, designed for low production volumes. It is a rotary machine with a compact footprint, thus ensuring a remarkable space saving. The machine has the same technical solutions as of the well-known GIMA 595. Easy cleaning operations are possible thanks to pull-out operating unit. On the machine, it is possible to dose several products, such as coffee with different densities, tea and soluble powders. According to capsule configuration, tailor-made solutions are possible.

Form, fill & seal machine for portion packs

The HASSIA FFS on display packages dressings & sauces, butter, margarine, jam, honey, etc., at speeds up to 43,200 portion packs per hour. Hassia, existing since 1953, is part of the IMA DAIRY & FOOD group that also includes other well known brands: Benhil, Corazza, Erca, Fillshape, Gasti and Hamba. The product portfolio also features rotary fillers for stand-up pouches, form, fill & seal machines for cups, aseptic stickpack form, fill & seal machines, wrapping machines for butter, cheese and soup cubes, and filling and sealing machines for pre-formed cups.


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