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Alberto VacchiIMA had plenty of innovations to present at Interpack 2014, not all of them technical.
First of all, we decided to set up our stand in the hall 17 so as to host all the companies that have joined the IMA Group in recent years. We made an exception for Ilapack, which had its own special space, both because it is a new acquisition and because of the specific nature of its target market.

At Interpack 2014 we asked for more space for IMA and, above all, we implemented a new way of presenting our product range. A more dynamic approach, better suited to the spirit of IMA and above all to the needs of customers and the market.

We decided to concentrate the machines physically present on new developments, presenting the most significant services while at the same time leaving space for a highly realistic virtual presentation of our products via “video wall” technology.

This format allows us to offer our visitors an opportunity to find out more about the details of the various components in our product range. Visitors could assess all the technological benefits we have to offer. The integrated exhibition method turned out to be much more effective than the approach conventionally used at trade fairs.

The use of these tools allowed us to exhibit a bigger range of products in a more comfortable area, permitting a dialogue specifically focused on the needs of our welcome visitors.

In these new high-tech spaces we set up our IMA LAB, a physical and virtual space in which we propose and discuss issues pertaining to scientific research and technological innovation.

We used the IMA LAB to present innovative 3D communication technologies and broadcast high level content from international speakers, enriching our programme with their presence, in some cases via streaming.

With these general comments and the images that follow, I wish to offer everyone, and especially those who were unable to come and see us at Interpack 2014, a brief summary of IMA’s participation in the most important trade fair in our industry.

I’d like to conclude by thanking everyone who visited our stand, everyone who will be seeing the images published here, all our prestigious LAB speakers and, last but not least, all the IMA people who contribute to the Group’s results every day.

IMA is committed to a process of on-going sustainable growth, in response to the demand of the market and the challenges of the future, and above all, in response to the issues that our customers in the food and pharmaceuticals industries deal with every day.

At Interpack 2014 we attempted to represent all this in an innovative way.

                                                     Thank you, everyone, and I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon!

       Alberto Vacchi                            
IMA Chairman