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IMA for Emergency and New Horizons
Emergency      Nuovi Orizzonti
IMA has decided, once again, to share the celebration of the Festive Season by giving. This year, our support goes to Emergency’s Centre for Ebola patients in Sierra Leone and the charitable activities of New Horizons.
In Sierra Leone, the Ebola epidemic is out of control: every day more than 100 people fall ill with the disease. 
To deal with this situation, Emergency has opened in September a Treatment Centre for Ebola patients in Lakka, a few kilometres from the capital Freetown. 
«We decided to open this Centre because the epidemic isn't showing any signs of letting up: the positive cases can only increase and more healthcare personnel, isolation wards and beds will be needed to treat them» says Luca Rolla, Emergency coordinator in Sierra Leone. 
At the Lakka Centre, Emergency has purposely set up a structure made available by the local Health Ministry, where about 110 people are working; these include doctors, nurses, logistics managers, auxiliaries and cleaning staff. The international personnel come from Italy, Serbia, Spain and Uganda. 
To safeguard both patients and staff, all personnel members have followed a specific training course involving protection protocols, the use of personal protective equipment, and the correct movement in the set paths within the Centre to prevent the spreading of the virus and subsequent contamination.
Together with DFID (the British Department for International Development), Emergency has opened a new 100-bed Centre in Goderich, which started activities on December 13, 2014.
New Horizons
Nuovi Orizzonti 
New Horizons intervenes in all areas of social disadvantage: for this reason they carry out solidarity actions in support of people living in a difficult plight; they execute our work considering all realities of social exclusion, particularly among young people; in this case, specific actions and an innovative program of thriving of the individual's life that combines the psychological, the spiritual and the human dimensions are proposed. 

Furthermore, they suggest the values of solidarity, sharing, cooperation and spirituality as essential to a full realization of the individual.