Corporate News

IMA has decided, once again, to share the celebration of the Festive Season by giving.

Our support goes to Médecins Sans Frontières for its medical and humanitarian intervention in Mauritania to help cure malnutrition for thousands of children and to Antoniano Onlus for its project in favour of people in distress, entitled “Il Pasto è il Primo Passo” (a meal is the first step).

Médecins Sans Frontières

IMA supports MSF's medical and nutritional project in Mbérra and Fassala (Mauritania) so as to ensure free access to basic health care for refugees from Mali and for the local population. There are currently more than 54,000 refugees in Mali, compared with a local population of more than 88,000.

MSF's activities are focused above all on primary health care, maternal and child care, treatment for malnutrition and malaria, life-saving surgery, obstetrics and traumatology.

Antoniano Onlus

Since 2011, IMA has been supporting Antoniano Onlus in various projects in favour of people in our area living in situations of extreme marginalisation: from meals in the canteen to social and work inclusion. IMA's support over the years has made it possible to renovate part of the Centro di Accoglienza Cenacolo Francescano (Cenacolo Francescano Reception Centre), which each year welcomes 40 people, providing more than 6,000 meals in the "Padre Ernesto" canteen and starting social and work inclusion processes involving 50 guests.

This year's contribution is aimed at strengthening the skills and abilities of guests through new workshops and training to facilitate their social and work inclusion, by providing tools that enable them to achieve a higher level of long-term autonomy.