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On March 28TH through 30th, IMA LIFE hosted the 5th Annual International Conference on Lyophilization and Freeze Drying, organized by ISL-FD, which celebrates this year also their 10th Anniversary.

More than 120 people took part at the 2-days conference on the hottest topics of lyophilization and freeze-drying process.  A series of lectures and papers were given to the audience from appreciated key people in the academic, industry and life science world.

The high number of attendees shows a keen interest in this area from pharmaceutical companies all over the world. The freeze-drying process plays a crucial role in the sterile preparation of drugs and the process itself is therefore of paramount importance.
A guided facility tour was open for all participants to the two main sites in Bologna.

This initiative from IMA LIFE was a first attempt to aggregate people from the pharmaceutical industry, the academic world and the equipment manufacturers,  with the aim to find a common “fil rouge” which could bring to a more closer approach to the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.
IMA Pharma - Simposio LIFE
A special thank goes to ISL-FD and to all attendees.