IMA Pharma news

12-13 October 2011: IMA Active-Evonik Workshop
IMA Active, leader in the production of automatic machines for Solid Dose solutions, in collaboration with Evonik, one of the world‘s leading speciality chemical companies, organised a workshop on the industrial applications of Eudragit®.
Scientists and lab heads from pharmaceutical companies based in over 20 different countries world-wide participated in this event expanding their knowledge on all possible applications with Eudragit® by using IMA Active machines.
It was a very successful event consisting of both theoretical and practical sessions. Two intense days of interactive discussion on the different aspects of the various processes and technology demonstrated during the workshop: granulation, compression and the coating of minitablets; capsule filling, banding and coating; troubleshooting and cleaning improvements of equipment.

22-23 November 2011: IMA Active-Colorcon Workshop
IMA Active hosted at its factory one of the famous courses of the “Formulation School” periodically organised by Colorcon, world leader in the development, supply and technical support of formulated coatings and other excipients for the pharmaceutical industry.
Persons involved in Research & Development from more than 40 different pharmaceutical companies participated in this workshop during which theoretical sessions on granulation formulation, direct compression and coating, were alternated with practical sessions performed on IMA Active fluid bed dryers, high shear mixer granulators, tablet presses, capsule fillers, solid wall and perforated coating pans.
A two day intensive course full of discussions and questions on the most common issues facing formulators.

The organizers wish to thank all the attendees not only for their active participation, but also for the co-operation shown during the workshops.